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How to set the sliders

The slider is a set of pictures, replacing each other, ie, sequential slide show on a Web page. Each element may be both the image and text, video, a button. Image Movement draws the user's attention, so sliders are often used instead of banners.

How to set the sliders

You will need:

- a computer with Internet access; - Skills in Wordpress.

Instruction how to set the sliders

Step 1:

Go to your website control panel in Wordpress, follow the addition of a slider on the page using a special plug - Vslider. To do this in your page code, you must add the following line:

Step 2:

Go to the plugin settings page to change the setting slider. In the first options box, set the size of the slider, the length of the pause between pictures change, effect, font settings, and so on. To specify the desired width slider, use the plug-in at the Opera, a screen ruler Rules. After entering the settings, click "Save" button, go to the block "image output".

Step 3:

Select the source image, if it will separate images, then select option Yes, custom, if you are connecting section, then select the desired list. Next, click "Save settings". The first option, download all images in the folder vSlader - images. Image size must match the size of the slider, namely its width. Image Name enter Latin characters for their correct display on the site. To add a slide, do not select a larger image, do not overload the page.

Step 4:

Set output settings of pictures in the next block. In the first line, specify the path to the image in the second, you can link to an image. In the next lines if you want to enter the title of the picture and description. Click "Save". The maximum may be added five image files. All the settings you can apply separately for each image. In this setting the slider to the site is completed.