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How to set up in the manor castle

Manor is one of the options for the player to improve material conditions in Lineage 2. Everyone can combine leveling to obtain a profit from the sale of resources. Manor - is sowing and harvesting system, for it you need start-up capital and patience.

How to set up in the manor castle

You will need:

- client Lineage II.

Instruction how to configure the manor in the Castle

Step 1:

Go to Chamberlain menu to configure the manor. system status in any city you can see in the section View Seed Status. This window has three tabs: settings fruits, seeds, as well as basic information. Keep this window open when you are configuring your manor. Write down key information on seed separately.

Step 2:

Select Manage Seeds tab to configure the sale of seeds. This window shows all the seeds that are produced by the lock. For each type of seed there are two columns - the current settings and the next day. To apply individual settings, click on the line.

Step 3:

To copy the settings of the day to the next, click Set as today. Set the selling price and the number of seeds that are available for sale. Here you can set the maximum number of seeds available for sale. Next, click the button in the lower right corner of the settings to take effect. Change manor units you can produce from 20:00 to 6:00. The last confirmed profile will act.

Step 4:

Adjust the purchase of fruit, for this go to the tab Manage Crops. Click Edit crop, to change the purchase option, specify the quantity, price per unit, and the type of buying. In the lower left corner will indicate the total amount of money that is needed to maintain the settings in the manor castle.

Step 5:

Then confirm the setting for the day. Note that the money needed for setting must be in the treasury of the castle at the time of the introduction of adjustments. So put them ahead in the Castle Vault. Typically, in order to maintain the manor in action, you need to keep in the treasury twice as much money than you need to configure the manor on the day. And even better - three times, then one part is reserved for the day, the other will be used the next day, and the third will serve as a reserve for purchases.