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How to set up the car navigator

Car navigation is often unique and irreplaceable assistant motorist. Today there are many different models of this device, differing from each other at the cost and technical capabilities. Features of the device settings depend on the make and model. However, having certain skills, it is possible to cope with any navigator.

How to set up the car navigator

Instruction how to set up the car navigator

Step 1:

To make use of the device as convenient and comfortable, properly set user preferences. Go to "Menu" and select "Settings" tab. First, install the card settings. Then visit the "Maps" section and choose "Map". Pay particular attention to the item "Track". This is a very important setting. After its installation the card image will be rotated by the movement of your car, that is, the image on the navigation screen will repeat the view from the car window.

Step 2:

After that, go to the "Navigation" section. You will see different types of transport. Of the proposed options (pedestrian, car / motorcycle, truck, etc.), choose "Car". Then go to the point of "attraction". Attraction - a navigator feature to show your car (to determine its location) on the nearest road. You can select automatic mode, or set the parameters. The optimal distance is considered to be no more than 50 meters.

Step 3:

Now set the route. Navigate to the appropriate menu. Here you will need to choose one of the suggested routes. This may be the fastest route, shortest, etc. Many motorists prefer fastest route. Thus, the navigator will guide you along the roads, choosing the fastest route for the time. The short route is set, if you want to shorten the distance.

Step 4:

To determine the route, proceed to the next step. Go to the section "What to avoid when a route." You should see something like the following list: U-turns, toll roads, unpaved roads. Decide what is best noted. Keep in mind that the fastest route means choosing the best variant of the road. Road unpaved it will offer only if there will be no other options.