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How to set up wi-fi in the iPhone

WiFi provides wireless access to the Internet and allows you to view the page with the desired high speed. With iPhone, you can also use WiFi, wherein the device provides maximum functionality when working online. The device is well finds all wireless networks and successfully implementing them connect.

How to set up wi-fi in the iPhone

Instruction how to set up wi-fi in the iphone

Step 1:

Click on the icon "Settings" and select "the WiFi". Make sure the slider to the right, is included.

Step 2:

Select one of the available networks to which you want to connect.

Step 3:

In the pop-up window, enter the password if the connection goes to a secure network. It should be case-sensitive. In the list of all the protected network are displayed with a lock icon.

Step 4:

If the machine has successfully connected, it will show a confirmation. Upon successful connection to the left of the network name is displayed checked. It indicates that the connection is established to this network.

Step 5:

The more divisions around the Internet icon, the connection is better. To improve communication, it is desirable to move as close as possible to the WiFi source.

Step 6:

The phone settings and an option to auto-connect. If this option is enabled, the device will self-select an available network and connect themselves to it. This feature is disabled in paragraph WiFi settings.

Step 7:

Also, the device automatically stores the parameters of the access point to which it was connected. Therefore, when loading a corresponding list, locate this point, the phone automatically connects to it. To disable this feature just select the saved network and click on the red arrow to the right of its name, and then select "Delete."

Step 8:

If there is an automatic connection to the network, but the internet does not work, you need to remove the access point and restart the phone, then you can reconnect. If the network is not functioning again, then you should contact your ISP to find out the connection and the cause of the problem.