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How to sew a Chinese phone nokia n95

Chinese mobile phone Nokia N95 is a fake Nokia smartphone Finnish corporation of the same name. It has a low-quality stitching and bad Russification, so many users may face a number of difficulties. To solve the problem of the Chinese version of the model is possible via the device firmware.

How to sew a Chinese phone nokia n95

Instruction how to sew a Chinese phone nokia n95

Step 1:

Search the Internet and download to your personal computer software NEMESIS (NSS). Always make sure that the source download is tested and does not contain viruses. For example, you can use the link

Step 2:

Antivirus Check the downloaded file. Then run the installation program. In the course of it there should be an inscription Please select from the following Service device you will be using after the instalations, at which the election Virtual USB device points to be answered. The application also requests a Installing the USB driver. In this case, you must press the "Cancel" button.

Step 3:

Perform a full backup of your Nokia N95 China phone. To do this, remove the memory card and turn off the Nokia PC Suite software if it is installed on your device. Connect your phone to the charger and cable.

Step 4:

Connect the cable to a PC and select PC Suite mode. After that, the appropriate connection icon appears in the top of the phone display. Put the device carefully on the table and for all future firmware procedures do not touch it.

Step 5:

Nemesis Run a program that is already installed on your computer. Initially, the application will be saver, and then gray box appears, in which the left and right will be two active buttons. You must click on Scan for new device and wait until the bottom line of the program state is not flashing Ready appears.

Step 6:

Click then on the "6600", and then select Phone Info inscription. Wait to sign Ready blinked again, and click the Scan button. You will see information about the Nokia N65 China phone. Click on the Read button. Click on the Product Code line in which enter "0551405" figures. Check the box next to Enable point and click on the Write button. Close the program.

Step 7:

Pick up the phone and start Nokia PC Suite software, which select "Update the phone." Go to Nokia's official website and download the NSU program for your Nokia N95 model. Follow the steps below to install the new firmware.