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How to speed up the work of the CPC

PDA - a handheld personal computer. A device - a pocket PC with integrated wireless modules, or, more precisely, with built-in GSM module. Because of the abundance of functions and imperfections OS devices sin slow work, so users often try to accelerate it.

How to speed up the work of the CPC

Instruction how to speed up PDA

Step 1:

To some extent dependent on the performance of the processor, memory size, and the use of special applications that optimize system performance. However, the underlying hardware is not particularly affect the device speed. What really matters, it's the number of running programs. But it should be borne in mind: the number does not always translate into quality.

Step 2:

As the user enters, having bought the device? The first thing comes to the Android Market and download as many programs as possible. Some of them are very useful and often demanded, but most after a few runs will be unnecessary. And since the Android operating system used on your device does not unload from memory when you close, device performance a few weeks of use is significantly reduced.

Step 3:

If you want to speed up your Android-device, simply uninstall unnecessary applications. Believe me, the effect is instantaneous after the device is reset. Even relatively "ancient» G1 after such a procedure be able to compete in the most newest communicators speed (eg, Droid).

Step 4:

Moreover, after the removal of the set unwanted applications on the desktop, your Pocket PC will become much more "spacious," and find the icon will become much easier.

Step 5:

Test PDA malware and worms - to do this, use special tools. Some of them are provided by the manufacturer on the official websites for free, some available for download on the network.

Step 6:

Rarely, but it happens that the speed slows down due to improperly working removable media. Remove all existing SD-card and run a couple of programs. If the download speed is very different, so it makes sense to purchase new vehicles.