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How to throw money on phone c Webmoney

Members Webmoney service can replenish the balance of your mobile phone with the help of electronic money. However, there is also the opposite version: replenishment Webmoney account from your phone.

How to throw money on phone c Webmoney

Instruction how to throw money on phone c webmoney

Step 1:

This procedure can be performed through a special online system of electronic money transfers. And sending funds available both ruble and dollar on the Webmoney purses. Typically, these services require filling in a small form (should indicate the number of your wallet, mobile phone number, operator and sends the sum). In addition, it may be necessary and the code, that is, the subscriber should send an SMS-message to the short code and receive a response code.

Step 2:

enter the verification code sent to the appropriate line and press the "Continue. Carefully enter the code, otherwise the system will not take it into account and does not send the funds to the account. Note that the deadline for receipt of funds to Webmoney account with different services may vary (on average, it is about ten minutes). By the way, for every hour available only translate to twenty dollars, such a rule is valid in many (if not all) of service available to replenish the electronic purse.

Step 3:

There is another limitation: the maximum amount for the transfer of forty dollars per day. If the user has exhausted the limit, then all subsequent outgoing SMS-message to them will simply not be accepted by the system, respectively, the completion of the purse will not be made.