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How to unlock the phone keys

Being in a pants pocket, purse or bag, involuntary pressing keys on the mobile phone can lead to comical, but often undesirable consequences. Block mobile phone keypad prevents accidental sending of sms-messages, outgoing calls and change the settings.

How to unlock the phone keys

You will need:

- mobile phone; - The active SIM card.

Instruction how to unlock the phone keys

Step 1:

Any mobile phone is equipped with a lock function / unlock the keypad. Exceptions are telephones as a "clamshell" that do not require locking keys, since initially protected against inadvertent pressing them unplanned. Phones with an open dial pad divided into physical and sensory.

Step 2:

As a general rule, to unlock the keys to the physical keyboard you need to dial a certain combination. This combination is the same as the combination necessary for the keyboard lock. Often, unlock, press and hold a specific button, which caused the special character keypad is locked. Alternatively, this function performs a combination of two keys. As a rule, it is the * key, # key and the "Menu" in different variations.

Step 3:

Touchscreen phones are characterized by the presence of only three buttons - "Call Acceptance", "Menu", "Reject call", or the presence of a key "Menu". These buttons are blocked, along with the mobile phone screen. To unlock the touchscreen phone provides visual button on its screen. Typically, this key figure has a lock symbol (often "lock"). On some phones, press and hold for a few seconds with this key. On the other - move the key up. Also, the mobile phone can support both data type unlock. In this case, in the "Settings" you can choose any of the species, which seem most convenient for you.

Step 4:

Some modern brand of mobile phones with touch screen offer their users a more serious and high quality way to unlock the phone. For this purpose, it is necessary to draw on the screen a certain figure. This can be a zigzag line, for example. This type of removal of the touch phone lock is the most reliable, because it eliminates accidental pressing.