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How to update firmware Samsung TV

In modern TVs inserted fairly sophisticated firmware. They are necessary for the correct operation of the device and display a visual menu. To correct some of the mistakes recommend to update the TV software.

How to update firmware Samsung TV

You will need:

- USB-drive; - Firmware file.

Instruction how to update the TV firmware samsung

Step 1:

Visit the website of your TV's manufacturer. Click the "Downloads" section and select the appropriate item in the "Category" box. Now select the type of TV. It should be noted that devices with conventional LCD and LED-panels are of different types.

Step 2:

Select the exact model of the TV you are using. Click the "Downloads and documentation" and wait for the creation of a list of available files.

Step 3:

Go to "Firmware" submenu and download the latest firmware for your TV. After downloading the files, prepare a USB-drive. It is better to use a regular USB flash drive instead of an external hard drive. This will facilitate the process of scanning devices.

Step 4:

Format the USB flash drive using the FAT32 file system. Some TVs support work with NTFS, but it is better not to risk it. Run the downloaded file, which is a self-extracting archive. Select the location where the files will be extracted.

Step 5:

Now copy the extracted files and folders in the root directory of the USB-drive. Safely remove the USB drive. Turn on the TV and connect the drive to an available USB-port. Disconnect all external devices, including the antenna cable and HDMI connectors.

Step 6:

If the TV automatically detect the firmware on a flash drive, the following window will appear. Just click "Yes".

Step 7:

If not, use the remote control to open the menu "Firmware Update". Specify the port number that is connected to the flash drive and wait for the scan drive. Confirm starting the firmware update process.

Step 8:

Upon completion of all necessary procedures, the TV can automatically turn off. Re-enable the device, test it, and remove the USB flash drive.