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How to use a diaphragm

Aperture in photography - a camera lens unit, consisting of a metal petals and changing the diameter of the circle of light. The function of the diaphragm is reduced to regulate the amount of light passing into the lens, allowing you to set the ratio of the brightness of the object being photographed to the brightness of the object and sets the depth of field photography.

How to use a diaphragm

Instruction how to use the diaphragm

Step 1:

There is such a thing as aperture. This number is the diameter of the hole and hence the amount of light entering the camera lens. Aperture denoted Latin letter F. For open aperture performance characteristic of F 1.1. 5.6 to F for medium - from F 5.6 to F 11, a closed - from the F 11 to F 128. The smaller the f-number, the wider the aperture, and the brighter the picture will turn out.

Step 2:

Also, due to the aperture set the necessary depth of the background field, the so-called depth of field. Maximum aperture gives a very small depth of field (depth of field of field). Shallow depth of field visually identifies an object on a blurred background. For a large depth of field is used most closed diaphragm.

Step 3:

In the process of photographing, consider the ratio of the number of the aperture shutter. The number indicates the exposure time during which the camera shutter is open for a frame. That is, if the diaphragm dosing light on the number, the shutter speed - time. Aperture set the shutter speed according to the number, otherwise the picture will be too dark or too bright and washed out. Each reflex camera present priority mode shutter speed and aperture. In aperture priority mode the camera by analyzing the level of light, the shutter speed to the already exposed diaphragm. In shutter priority mode - on the contrary: the aperture is adjusted for the current shooting conditions.