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How to use the battery

Mobile computers (laptops) are gaining market share, thereby displacing bulky and less convenient stationary PC. To make sure your laptop has served long enough, you must comply with certain rules of operation of the device.

How to use the battery

Instruction how to use the battery

Step 1:

Choice Laptop battery - very responsible job. It is important to check this detail even when buying the device. Ask the sales assistants to fully charge the selected notebook. The battery indicator should show at least 98% on a full charge. Otherwise, this item is considered to be defective.

Step 2:

Now it is important to have an initial battery maintenance. Despite the rapid development of electronic technology, these items still make on the basis of lithium ions. Turn off the laptop. Connect the equipment to AC power. Wait until the battery is fully charged. Turn on the device after removing it from the outlet. Wait until the battery is fully discharged.

Step 3:

Repeat the procedure as described in the previous step several times. This is necessary to prevent the "memory effect" battery.

Step 4:

Now think about the daily operation of the laptop. Many users use these devices only at home. In such situations, you need to remove the battery and the laptop constantly connected to AC power. This will prolong battery life. Naturally, it is recommended to use a surge protector to prevent damage to the device during strong surges.

Step 5:

If you can not permanently disable the battery, then try to operate the notebook as follows: - Connect the device to the mains and start working with him. - Once the battery is fully charged, turn off the power and allow the notebook to operate by battery. - Re-connect the device to the mains after the battery is discharged to 7-10%.

Step 6:

Do not store a fully discharged or charged battery. Before removing this part charge it to about half.