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How to use TV Tuner

Modern personal computers can be used as a conventional TV. For this you need to purchase and connect a special TV tuner. They come in different types: built-in and external.

How to use TV Tuner

You will need:

- TV tuner - 1 pc; - fiber optic cable; - Top box - 1 pc.

Instruction how to use the TV tuner

Step 1:

TV tuner - a type of television receiver for reproducing TV signals on a computer monitor. First verify if there is a parent in the map of your personal computer built-in TV tuner. For this visually inspect the back of the processor. The output has a similar form to the "nest" under the antenna of a conventional TV.

Step 2:

If there is no built-in TV tuner, you must purchase it. If the specifications of your PC let you set the built-in TV tuner, you can purchase it. So you can avoid unnecessary mechanical damage to the machine. For a PC with a lack of connectivity built-in tuner, you can buy an external TV-out and connect it using the USB-cable that comes in the kit.

Step 3:

Connect the TV tuner to a personal computer. Insert the software CD into the drive. The operating system will automatically detect the new hardware and prompts you to install the drivers. Press the setting. After this operation, restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

Step 4:

There are two types of TV signal source connection and a computer: directly through the TV tuner or via a set-top box. Top box allows you to record TV shows and pause a program broadcast live, and view it later. Connect the infrared transmitter into a free USB-port of the computer and the port set-top box. It will be set to automatically connect. Restart the computer. If you connect the cable directly, simply insert the cable into the TV tuner.

Step 5:

Go to "Start" and click "Run." Type the command "Configure TV Signal" in the dialog box. Adjust channels and save the changes. Enjoy watching.