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How to use your phone as a microphone

Nowadays it is very common for a variety of programs to communicate through the Internet with the ability to see and hear the interlocutor. For proper operation of such a program requires a webcam and a microphone, the video and audio communication was two-way. Of course, the easiest way to buy an ordinary web camera, or use the built-in laptop microphone, however, if it is not at hand, there is a way to solve this problem.

How to use your phone as a microphone

Instruction how to use the phone as a microphone

Step 1:

Use the microphone as your mobile phone or smartphone. To do this you need to download some software, install it on your phone and the computer, and then sync them. This is done so that the computer can recognize that it is necessary to use the camera and microphone on the telephone.

Step 2:

Phones running on Windows Mobile, have a few options for such connection. Take, for example, the program Webcamera Plus. However, be careful: many applications do not involve the phone's microphone, so you will be absolutely useless.

Step 3:

Please note that for the correct operation of the program and the synchronization you will also need to install one of the following connections: Wi-Fi, USB, Bluetooth, or GPRS / 3G. Select one of the above, and which is supported by the phone and the computer. After syncing your phone to be used as a microphone and camera, so even forget about using the headset.

Step 4:

Samsung phones, like Nokia, also may be used as microphone during conversation on a computer. Note that the specialized programs for specific models, there is no phone, almost all of them are suitable for any device. Try to download a similar program, but more available for public use. This application Warelex Mobiola Microphone v1.00. This software provides the ability to use your phone as a microphone for your computer. It works fine with Yahoo, Skype, IM and similar clients. Download the application from the third-party resources, or directly from the manufacturer ( To connect your phone to the computer using a connection over Bluetooth, other options does not support.

Step 5:

Please note that as a microphone is sometimes much easier to use a headset, you spend time on installing programs and synchronization procedure.