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How to vga adapter tulip

The question of how to make a vga adapter tulip, today more popular than ever. Many people like the idea of ​​connecting the TV to the computer. And it makes a lot of speculation.

How to vga adapter tulip

You will need:

Internet, very old video card with tv-out over d-sub, connector d-sub m, rca jack, 75 Ohm coaxial cable, soldering accessories

Instruction how to vga adapter tulip

Step 1:

On the Internet you will find a ready-made connector vga cinch, but unfortunately, even if you buy it, it will not work. To the video card supports this type of signal in the standard television transmission is necessary for the composite signal from the computer. Until 2000, we released a video card with support for tv-out over d-sub. That is really to this video card, you can connect a TV through an adapter vga cinch. However, after 2000 signaling standard has been changed and no longer transmit the video composite signal. So if you make a vga adapter tulip or buy a ready and try to use it on a modern video card, the adapter will not work under any circumstances.

Step 2:

If you still want to display the signal from the vga output current video via composite input on the TV (yellow tulip video), then the only way to do this - to buy special converter device. It performs transcoding between different signal standards. The cost of the converter varies from 10 to 20 $ US. This is a fairly sophisticated device, so collect it themselves only by a professional.

Converter vga rca s-video

Step 3:

If you are lucky enough to own an ancient video (release until 2000), which supports the tv-out over d-sub, such as Matrox company, you can try to make a vga adapter tulip own. To do this, you need a connector connection circuit rca and d-sub or "pinout".

Pinout rca d-sub

Step 4:

Prepare the vga connectors and tulip soldering. Open the protective cover, apply flux on the dates of pads in accordance with the pin connections. Take the length of cable required length, strip the ends, using sidecutters or sandpaper.

Step 5:

Be sure to wear on the cable connector body before to solder it to the terminals. Solder the inner wire of the cable to the central pad tulip connector and contact number 3 vga connector. Solder the shield of the cable conductor (braid) to the other contact tulip connector and connector pin number 8 on the other hand vga cable.

Step 6:

Assemble the connectors on both ends. The adapter is ready. You can try to connect the TV to your computer.