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How To Throw Your Phone Photos To Your Computer

How to throw your phone photos to your computer

Most modern mobile phones are equipped with cameras with a fairly good picture quality and high resolution. This allows you to capture memorable moments anytime and anywhere as a means of communication at hand.

You will need:

- card reader; - Usb-wire.

Instruction how to throw a phone pictures to a computer

Step 1:…

How To Change The Voice During A Conversation On The Phone

How to change the voice during a conversation on the phone

Voice - the main thing that you identify during a conversation on the phone. Therefore, it is necessary to change, if you do not want to be recognized. Existing technologies allow you to modify the voice in several ways. But using them, remember that the more important intonation, style of…

How To Flash Control

How to flash control

When purchasing a new remote control / remote control key fob for your car, you will need to flash. It is necessary for registration in the remote car alarm system. New remote you may need in case of loss / failure of the old, or if you want to have an extra charm.

You will need:

- remote…

How To Build A Module

How to build a module

The module is called the finished electronic device unit made one small board and performs one or more rare - several functions. The video card, sound card and memory bracket (DIMM) - is also examples of modules.

Instruction how to build a module

Step 1:

Plan for the distribution functions of the device modules. Seeks to optimize…

How To Disassemble The Wristwatch

How to disassemble the wristwatch

Often the reason for stopping the mechanical wristwatch becomes pollution mechanism, the penetration of moisture inside the housing. Suffice it is to disassemble the clock, to make them clean and lubricated. This is only required to know exactly how this is done in practice.

You will need:

Tweezers, small screwdriver, pointed stick

Instruction how to disassemble the…

What Is Special Gps For Premises

What is special GPS for premises

In 2009, the first GLONASS satellite navigation system that allows fast and as accurately as possible to determine the coordinates of the object inside the buildings. In August 2012 it was decided to create a more advanced and affordable GPS for space. The development of a new system of 22 companies do.

GPS navigation system…

How To Set Up A New Channel

How to set up a new channel

Many believe that to set up a channel on your TV - it is quite difficult, so the cause for this masters and pay them for it rather big money. But actually, if you look, all quite simply: you just have to pick up the remote control (you can do without it, but with…

How To Make Antenna For Radio

How to make antenna for radio

In order to catch radio confident distant station, needed a quality outdoor antenna. Its easy to do yourself, having a couple of hours of free time, and using the simplest of tools and materials.

You will need:

- Copper wire in varnish insulation diameter of 0.3-0.5 mm; - Drill; - Soldering iron.

Instruction how…

How To Send A Plate

How to send a plate

So, all you need to receive the satellite signal you have. Established satellite equipment (antenna, converter, network card), installed software network card, in a program-tuner signal parameters entered. However, the program indicator lights up in red, indicating that the satellite signal is not recorded. Do not worry, as it should be. To catch the antenna with…

How To Change The Tariff For Tele 2

How to change the tariff for Tele 2

Cell phones help stay connected and maintain communication with loved ones. Adjust the operator to fit your needs help specially selected tariff connection.

Instruction how to change the tariff on the body 2

Step 1:

Tele 2 The company has a wide range of tariff plans targeted at different customer needs. For fans of…

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