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How To Make Fm-Antenna

How to make FM-antenna

The rule of "best amplifier - a good dish" remember, when it comes to transmitters. But it is also true for the receivers. Even very sensitive receiver is unlikely to catch the low-power remote station without a good antenna.

Instruction how to make fm-antenna

Step 1:

If the FM-radio is equipped with a telescopic antenna, and its capacity…

How To Choose The Right Camera

How to choose the right camera

Modern industry produces many cameras in a wide price range and with different parameters. Considering the showcase in the shop or exploring the website, it is important not to make a mistake and choose the right camera that is right for you.

Instruction how to choose the right camera

Step 1:

There is no universal camera…

How To Connect Speakers To The Amplifier

How to connect speakers to the amplifier

Pets speakers will sound better if they are properly connected. Modern acoustic variety of accessories provide a huge selection of cables, connectors and other useful things to connect speakers to the amplifier.

You will need:

- Soldering; - Solder; - heat-shrink tubing; - Fasteners for cables; - Roulette; - Clippers.

Instruction how to connect speakers…

How To Disable The Lock On Your Phone

How to disable the lock on your phone

Phone lock - this is a special feature that allows you to avoid accidental keystrokes. After all, almost every person has happened is that, not wanting calling subscriber or typed sequence of numbers that the money from the balance just flew. For these situations, the phone has a feature - Automatic keyguard. But…

As Charging Nokia Lumia 920 Smartphone

As charging Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone

Finnish company Nokia at the launch, which took place in early September in New York, has introduced two new models of smartphones Lumia series. One of the most interesting features of the new device is its wireless charging.

Nokia has for many years been one of the recognized leaders in the mobile phone market. However,…

How To Unlock Your Nokia Phone Protection Code

How to unlock your Nokia phone protection code

The security code is used in most phones, including the Nokia phone company. This code is used in order to maximize the safety of the user's personal data in contact with your phone into the hands of third parties. But sometimes the owners themselves forget the security code. In this case, you can…

How Do I Change The Phone Ring

How do I change the phone ring

Have you recently purchased a mobile phone and have already convinced of its possibilities, with instruction or randomly examined almost all the buttons. It's time to choose a nice sound for the call, which is not irritated and pleased the phone owner. But even the most favorite tune can quickly get bored.

Instruction how…

How To Fix The Headset

How to fix the headset

Headset is a device that connects to a mobile phone to the hands during the conversation remained free. It happens that they, like normal headphones, fail.

Instruction how to fix the headset

Step 1:

Connect a wired headset to the phone. Call the toll-free number autoinformer owned operator.

Step 2:

Start compress and bend the headset cable.…

How To Transfer Photos From Your Phone

How to transfer photos from your phone

Mobile phones and smartphones are often equipped with this convenient function device like the camera. The quality of images in the latest models of all manufacturers is high enough, and it is already possible to be compared with the image quality, are gaining popularity fotoapparatami- "Soap". On the phone to transfer photos to your…

How Do I Find The Phone Unlock Code

How do I find the phone unlock code

Lock code - is a special code that allows you to protect your mobile device against unauthorized use in the event of loss, replacement of SIM cards, etc. Such a code is entered by the person immediately when you first start a new phone, or when a new SIM card, but unfortunately, in…

How To Connect Two Pbx

How to connect two PBX

When you need to connect the two exchanges (but not every person has some knowledge in this area), this business is trusted by professionals. However, if you think you can independently undertake the work, read the detailed instruction, and it will help you quickly and correctly connect the two exchanges.

Instruction how to connect two PBX


How To Calculate The Number

How to calculate the number

Today, subscribers of mobile operators is available for such service, as detailed incoming calls. It allows you to identify the phone numbers of those people who had previously tried to call using the number suppression.

You will need:

Cell phone, passport.

Instruction how to calculate the number

Step 1:

If you often have to deal with incoming calls…

How To Check The Lens On The Front And Back Focus

How to check the lens on the front and back focus

Buying lens for most photographers - an event that is due to the high prices for "glass" does not happen so often. Check before buying the lens need to pay special attention, because often encountered problems in the form of front, back focus.

You will need:

- camera; - The test…

How To Install Navigation Navigator

How to install navigation navigator

Navigation system in a modern car is no surprise. Drivers can now choose a navigator for every taste. However, the instrument itself is useless if the preset navigation maps are outdated or do not have the data necessary to the driver location.

You will need:

- navigator; - Navigation software; - Cards for a complete navigation; -…

How To Connect A Wireless Headset

How to connect a wireless headset

Wireless headset for today is a convenient and often indispensable thing. It greatly simplifies our lives. With it, you will not need every time to untangle the wires and deal with the question of where to put them, so as not to interfere. With a wireless headset you like, you can drive a car and…

How To Make A Speaker

How to make a speaker

Older people remember well gromkogovoriteli- black "plates". Make the same device, for example, for interior decoration in the style of the first half of the twentieth century can be today. And it will really work.

Instruction how to make the loudspeaker

Step 1:

Take the usual embroidery frame. Manufacture of black paper cone, having a diameter equal…

How To Increase The Sound From A Microphone

How to increase the sound from a microphone

Novice musicians or singers will sooner or later seek to perpetuate their first beginnings. To do this in the home audio produced by a conventional computer and cheap microphone. To record was better, and the speakerphone, you must perform a series of operations to enhance the microphone.

Instruction how to amplify the sound…

How To Connect Your Tv To The Internet

How to connect your TV to the Internet

Browse the web without sitting down at the computer, right from the sofa on the TV screen, you can, if you use a video card with composite output or one of the specially designed for this device.

Instruction how to connect the TV to the Internet

Step 1:

Set your computer video card with…

How To Open A Door Phone Without Pills

How to open a door phone without pills

In the capital, most of the houses are equipped with intercom. On the one hand, it allows you to be walked strangers in strange doorways. But what to do, for example, in a situation where you need to get to his home, and the key to the intercom, you forgot?

Instruction how to…

How To Choose A Professional Camera Mirror

How to choose a professional camera mirror

Professional SLR cameras have received high quality pictures. They are multifunctional, they prefer the photo business professionals and active amateurs. What should pay attention when choosing a camera, what opportunities do they possess?

Instruction how to choose a professional camera mirror

Step 1:

Look how large matrix from the camera that you want to purchase.…

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