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How To Add A Photo On The Iphone

How to add a photo on the iPhone

You may want to change the wallpaper on your iPhone, install the photo to call or just enjoy your photos on your phone, but you do not know how to do it. Some useful tips to help you deal with how to upload images to the iPhone with a PC.

You will need:


How To Send A Message On Behalf Of Another

How to send a message on behalf of another

Send a message from someone else's number or address, it is possible. In this case, to the aid of special programs, as well as additional profiles on websites and e-mail.

You will need:

- additional e-mail account; - Special programs designed to send messages through the computer; - An additional SIM card.


How To Repair A Subwoofer

How to Repair a subwoofer

The concept of "big sound" is inextricably linked with the use of the subwoofer. However, under the influence of too much load it can be damaged. You will be able to repair "a melted" subwoofer, if you know exactly what actions and what order you need to produce.

You will need:

- tester; - Soldering iron; -…

How To Choose Optics

How to choose optics

Buying a new DSLR with time will require you to purchase additional lenses to him. You will need them if your photo sessions will be more than just a hobby, and you will need to shoot all sorts of genres - portraits, landscapes, still lifes, at different distances, with different lighting. That is, if you prefer professional…

How To Connect A Tv Tuner

How to connect a TV tuner

When viewing the satellite channels is better to recommend digital tuners. This will ensure the best image quality, because Built-in analog tuners are not able to process the digital signal quality.

You will need:

- video transmission cable.

Instruction how to connect a TV tuner

Step 1:

Choose a stand-alone TV tuner. This device must be able…

How To Set The Date And Time On Your Nokia

How to set the date and time on your Nokia

Nokia Mobile Phones are available on three platforms: Series 40, Symbian and Windows Phone 7. From that, at some of them based your machine depends on it how to configure the date and time.

Instruction how to set the date and time for nokia

Step 1:

The device on the Series 40…

How To Choose A Technique For Voice Recording

How to choose a technique for voice recording

Voice recording is performed with the help of tape recorders, analog and digital voice recorders, computers, and mobile phones and players. In this case use the built-in and external microphones that differ from each other by the principle of action and design.

Instruction how to select equipment for voice recording

Step 1:

In mobile…

How To Return Your Mobile Phone To The Shop

How to return your mobile phone to the shop

When returning faulty goods to the store it is important to follow certain rules. Knowledge of the established norms will allow you to feel confident while interacting with representatives of firms.

You will need:

- sales receipt; - Cashier's check; - Warranty certificate; - Accessory to the phone.

Instruction how to return the…

How To Disconnect The Drive

How to disconnect the drive

If you need, for whatever reasons, turn off drive on your computer, you can do so at any time convenient for you. Note that this operation does not require extraction of the device from the PC case (as suggested by some users), everything is done through the operating system interface.

You will need:

A computer running drive.…

Why Is Quickly Discharged Phone

Why is quickly discharged phone

Discharging a cell phone signal sometimes sounds like a death sentence. Dead battery puts an end to more recently such great opportunities - at any time call, listen to music, watch a movie. Especially frustrating when low battery is consumed very quickly, and for unknown reasons, the user a fully charged cell phone suddenly "go to…

How To Write An Sms In Moscow

How to write an SMS in Moscow

Sending SMS messages to Moscow is carried out in the same manner as the exchange of messages with subscribers of other cities. Consider before sending the temporary difference and do not forget to sign your name at the end, if you are sending a message to the subscriber for the first time.

You will…

How To Photograph Fireworks

How to Photograph Fireworks

Fireworks - an indispensable attribute of modern holidays. Be present when it starts - an exciting spectacle. The desire to capture the bright flash occurs in many of those present, but it is hard to take pictures of fireworks because of the improper recording conditions, especially non-professionals.

You will need:

- Camera; - States; - Drain wire.


What Is 4g Network

What is 4G network

mobile technology is constantly evolving. To be able to provide customers with competitive services, mobile operators are eager to use the latest advances in this field. The most promising area is now commissioning a class 4G networks.

For 4G class today include mobile network created on the basis of the fourth generation technologies. They are characterized by…

How To Write A Free Message

How to write a free message

SMS - an easy and convenient way to communicate. SMS function is present in every phone, with the help of it you can always stay in touch with family and friends. If your balance is zero and you need to send an SMS, you will help computer with an active Internet connection network. There are…

How To Hard Reset Your Tablet

How to hard reset your tablet

The tablet - it's quite a complex electronic device, so failure can occur in his work. Some of them you can fix a simple reboot, but for others can only help the hard reset, which resets the tablet to factory settings and erase all personal data.

it is recommended to remove the tablet from the…

How To Make The Alarm With His Own Hands

How to make the alarm with his own hands

To remotely detect intrusion into a particular room, the need to protect the system. Many of them are complex and expensive. But it is quite a simple system can be made in the home.

Instruction how to make the alarm with his own hands

Step 1:

Take the old waste, but hard-working mobile…

How To Recover Deleted Sms

How to recover deleted SMS

Unfortunately, it often happens is that deleted sms desired or necessary to reconstruct the history of correspondence. This need often arises from parents who feel that something has gone wrong in the life of their child. In this case, read messages on your phone - a very effective way to help deal with the situation, even…

How To Upload Games To The Chinese Nokiyu

How to upload games to the Chinese Nokiyu

The popularity of Nokia brand Chinese phones at affordable prices in recent years is growing rapidly. Their functions are no longer limited to sending or receiving calls and messages. You can download and installation of different games.

Instruction how to download games to the Chinese nokiyu

Step 1:

Make phone firmware in the service…

How To Increase The Sensitivity Of The Antenna

How to increase the sensitivity of the antenna

The sensitivity of the antenna - is its ability to receive weak signals. It is measured in microvolts. From the antenna sensitivity largely depends on the quality of the work of the receiver. As practice shows, it is not enough, and then it should be increased.

Instruction how to increase the sensitivity of…

How To Sign Up For A Phone Program

How to sign up for a phone program

Some applications for smart phones (mainly Nokia smartphones concerned) must be signed personal certificate, giving it the right applications to be installed. The process for obtaining the certificate itself in the material are not considered.

You will need:

- PC pre-loaded with the Microsoft Windows operating system; - PC Suite; - SisSigner

Instruction how…

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