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How To Connect A Pc Headphones

How to connect a PC Headphones

To a computer equipped with a sound card, you can connect not only the speakers but also headphones. If they are equipped with a 3.5 mm plug, you can connect them directly, and if the 6.3-millimeter - via an adapter.

Instruction how to connect the PC headphones

Step 1:

If necessary, fabricate an adapter…

How To Install The Program On Your Phone To Memory Card

How to install the program on your phone to memory card

The Android operating system has become one of the most popular platforms for advanced mobile devices. OS has support for installing programs directly from a memory card, which simplifies installation and saves space in the memory of the phone and Internet traffic.

Instruction how to install the program on your…

How To Install A Radio Telephone

How to install a radio telephone

Home phones have long been part of our lives. In an effort to secure maximum comfort, we often pay attention to the cordless phones that can meet our needs in usability telephone. Cordless - more complex device than a wired telephone. However, it is not necessary to cause a wizard to install it. It is…

How To Switch To The Second Line

How to switch to the second line

The presence of the phone features a second line enables the subscriber of any mobile operator to be aware of absolutely all calls coming to your phone. In this case, the subscriber can call almost always, even if at that time he leads a telephone conversation with another companion. You can enable the "call…

How To Improve The Reception Of Tv Antenna

How to improve the reception of TV antenna

It is unpleasant when the television antenna receives few programs, and those - in a bad quality. Especially shame if caught the worst of the most interesting channels. Solve the problem will change the orientation of the antenna, its replacement or addition of an amplifier.

You will need:

- aerial amplifier and power supply…

How Do I Know What The Picture Was Taken

How do I know what the picture was taken

When shooting digital photos, as a rule, the devices - digital photo and video cameras, SLR cameras, mobile phones and tablet computers - are stored in the photo information on the model, as well as some information about the optics settings during shooting.

Instruction how to find out what the picture was…

How To Change The Theme Of The Iphone

How to change the theme of the iPhone

Desire to periodically change the look of your favorite iPhone inherent in many of its owners. Standard view icons and wallpaper is wonderful, but sometimes boring. That is why the jailbroken version there are special programs that allow to completely change the theme on a device.

You will need:

Store Cydia application, Winterboard program,…

How To Check The Battery Bosch

How to check the battery Bosch

With the onset of winter may occur with the engine running problems. Often the cause of getting the car battery. High-quality batteries, what are the Bosch, owners rarely deliver such troubles, but in a particularly cold period it is useful to check them as well.

You will need:

- BAT 121 unit; - The device T12…

How To Make The Program

How to make the program

With the advent of information technology programming is becoming increasingly popular and necessary skill. However, to write their own programs need to not only initial training, but also a special mindset.

Instruction how to make the program

Step 1:

Decide on the programming language. The choice depends on you, because the base level of the program can…

How To Return A Cell Phone For 14 Days

How to return a cell phone for 14 days

Return the goods to the store - a very unpleasant procedure, which encountered some buyers. To be sure of the correctness during the dialogue with representatives of the company, you need to get ready.

You will need:

- documentation to the phone; - A full set of accessories.

Instruction how to get a…

How To Remove A Laser Printer

How to remove a laser printer

To keep your printer to work properly, it must be connected to the computer and configured appropriately. The main condition - on a local disk must contain files that are required for it to work properly. To delete a laser printer (or other equipment), it is necessary to remove the files that are required for…

How To Increase The Volume Of The Speakers

How to increase the volume of the speakers

Often the organization of an event to be held at home, for example, a birthday, you need musical accompaniment. As a rule, it would be desirable that the sound was like a loud as possible. Also, increased noise may be needed if you just want to listen to your favorite music as loudly…

How To Set Up Broadcasting

How to set up broadcasting

Modern network technologies allow everyone wishing to acquire their own channel to broadcast audio. Once you have created your own radio on the Internet, you must configure streaming. In the simplest case, this can be done using the Winamp player equipped with a special plug. Adjust the parameters of the broadcast, and allow others to enjoy…

Player: How To Make It With Their Own Hands

Player: how to make it with their own hands

Nowadays it is fashionable to indulge in memories of the twentieth century. One of his characters is vinyl, if you kept these records, but the player is not for them, you can make it yourself.

Instruction player: how to make it with their own hands

Step 1:

Choose the right model elektroproigryvayuschego device…

How To Install The Card In The

How to install maps "Navitel"

Mobile Navigators help to find their way in an unknown area, find the entrance to the right entrance, even warn of traffic congestion, road accidents or repairs. Russian development stands out among the well-known GPS navigation systems - "Navitel Navigator"

You will need:

computer gps-navigator "Navitel" access to the Internet

Instruction on how to install the card…

How To Make A Power Supply Charger

How to make a power supply charger

Charge the batteries directly from the power supply can not be. It is necessary to ensure limitation of the charging current. Depending on the type of power supply, it can be done in one of two ways.

Instruction of how to make the power supply charger

Step 1:

Check the type of battery. It should…

How To Download Books On The Ipad

How to download books on the iPad

Tablet iPad - very convenient and easy to use device. In addition to many standard features you can use it even read the book.

Instruction how to download books for ipad

Step 1:

Download any application that allows you to read books. You can do it through iTunes on your computer or directly from the…

How To Install Games In Cell Phone

How to install games in cell phone

Modern cell phone - something universal and versatile. It allows its owner to make calls, take pictures, go online and play computer games. However, games installed on the phone by the manufacturer, quickly bored, and have a desire to be loaded into a mobile phone new toys that can diversify their leisure time.


How Do I Find The Phone Number In St. Petersburg

How do I find the phone number in St. Petersburg

You need to contact a relative, friend or organization in St. Petersburg? The easiest and fastest way to communicate and address various issues - a phone call. But what to do if the phone number is unknown? In this case, will have to spend some time searching. Even if you're away…

As Pedal Car

As pedal car

To control the car, not enough to turn the steering wheel. You need to know how and at what point, press the pedal or another, especially when it comes to a car with a manual transmission.

Instruction as a pedal car

Step 1:

Pay attention to the brake pedal. In fact, this is the main pedal car. Of course,…

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