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How To Use A Diaphragm

How to use a diaphragm

Aperture in photography - a camera lens unit, consisting of a metal petals and changing the diameter of the circle of light. The function of the diaphragm is reduced to regulate the amount of light passing into the lens, allowing you to set the ratio of the brightness of the object being photographed to the brightness…

How To Recover Lost Room

How to Recover Lost Room

Sometimes it happens that SIM-card with your favorite phone number lost. However, to date, all mobile operators offer this service as the restoration of the lost phone numbers. So do not despair, because the restore SIM-card, you can not even leaving home.

Instruction how to restore the lost room

Step 1:

Recover SIM-card via the Internet. You…

What If The Phone Is Locked

What if the phone is locked

For security purposes, several types of locks are used data of the owner, to remove each of which is necessary to perform a sequence of actions.

Phone lock by the operator is intended to protect your phone from using the phone in the network is different from the original. In this case, the phone is…

How To Cure Your Phone From Viruses

How to cure your phone from viruses

If the phone is not responding or acting erratically, it is possible that the device is a virus. Cell phone virus can not make phone calls, to turn off on its own initiative or unexpectedly close applications. Remove the virus from the cell phone and put it back into working condition possible with the…

How To Output The Sound From A Microphone

How to output the sound from a microphone

If you are going to write something on a computer with a microphone and output high-quality sound, it is necessary to take advantage of special instructions for proper microphone settings and obtain a clear record.

You will need:

- a computer with Internet access; - Microphone; - Application for sound recording.

Instruction how to…

How To Order Iphone From America

How to order iPhone from America

It's no secret that many phones when buying abroad can save significant amounts of money. In the case of the Apple Iphone, the difference is very significant - when ordering the phone in the US, you can buy it at a price that is significantly lower than the prices at authorized dealers. Order Apple Iphone…

How To Add To The Blacklist On The Iphone

How to add to the blacklist on the iPhone

The owners of the iPhone mobile device has the ability to add subscribers to the blacklist. Then they can not get through on the phone, that will save its owner from communicating with undesirable people.

Instruction how to add to the blacklist on the iPhone

Step 1:

Adding subscribers to the blacklist on…

How To Improve The Picture Quality Of The Phone

How to improve the picture quality of the phone

Photos taken by the camera of cell phones, often far from ideal. The main disadvantages of these images are low resolution, color noise and blurred edges of objects. Part of the photo can be improved by using the graphical editor Adobe Photoshop.

Instruction on how to improve the quality of photos from…

How To Buy A Tv Online Store

How to buy a TV online store

With kazhdnym day the number of customers a variety of online stores is growing steadily. If you decide to use the services of such services, then consider the possible problems when buying goods over the Internet.

Instruction how to buy a TV online store

Step 1:

If you want to buy a TV online store,…

How To Make A Sub From The Column

How to make a sub from the column

If you have a high-powered water heater, it can be used to better advantage, using imagination and having spent a certain amount of time. As a result, you get a more powerful speaker - subwoofer.

Instruction of how to make a sub column

Step 1:

First, shoot the housing for the future of the…

How To Load The Plug

How to load the plug

Loading plug called a device for checking the state of charge of individual cans batteries. This plug includes a powerful pull-up resistor, a DC voltmeter, and two probes.

Instruction how to load the plug

Step 1:

Find out what should be the voltage on a fully charged battery single bank from its manual. Also make sure that…

How To Check Vibrations In The Joystick

How to check vibrations in the joystick

Gamepad, in itself, is much more convenient for the game, rather than the keyboard and mouse: verified form, the presence of an integral analog sticks and vibration make it the most popular gaming device. However, the vibration mode (or as it is called, "Feedback"), the controller does not always stable, and often requires debugging.…

How To Restore Your Phone After Unsuccessful Flashing

How to restore your phone after unsuccessful flashing

If, after unsuccessful flashing your phone is no longer included, you must restore the operating status. This can be done even if you did not create a dump of the phone memory.

You will need:

- Nokia Phoenix.

Instruction how to restore your phone after unsuccessful flashing

Step 1:

Nokia's use the Phoenix program to…

How To Check The Quality Of The Phone

How to check the quality of the phone

Now for each of us the mobile phone has become a tool without which we can not imagine life. Almost everyone has a normal mobile phone or smartphone. But if you want to change the machine, you must know how to check the quality of the phone.

You will need:

- mobile phone; -…

Opening The System Folders In The Phone

Opening the system folders in the phone

Very often when using a cell phone is necessary to view its system folders. The information they need when setting up your phone after the user area format, which occurs when changing the software version fails when you install a new application, etc.

Instruction how to open the system folders in the phone

Step 1:…

How To Adjust The Bass Scale

How to adjust the bass Scale

If you finally got the bass guitar, the first thing you have to learn to do - is to adjust it. This is not enough just to understand how to correctly adjust the open string chords, but also be able to customize Scale. As a result, you will achieve a good sound of your instrument.…

How To Repair Music Center

How to Repair Music Center

Some novice amateurs are not eager to take on repair rather complex electronic devices, such as CD or MP3 players, computers or stereos. In fact, most of the faults of the same music center just enough to eliminate, with the minimum of knowledge in electronics and small experience with the technique.

You will need:

- soldering; -…

How To Choose A Bag For The Camera

How to choose a bag for the camera

When buying a camera need to purchase component parts, the main ones are the memory card and carrying case. For professionals, it is important to buy a replacement lenses and more. Choose a good case can be in the store, on the internet, in other ways, the main thing - to know the…

Why The Headphones Play Quietly

Why the headphones play quietly

Meet the person outside, listening to music through headphones is now possible anywhere. This allows you to not distract passers-by, while enjoying your favorite tracks. Sometimes you have to use headphones, so the information you hear, remained confidential. But all have drawbacks. Headphones, for example, not only does not convey the whole sound spectrum, but do…

How To Find An Address By Phone In Kazan

How to find an address by phone in Kazan

To find a person living in Kazan, having his phone number, you can use some electronic manuals Internet or to resort to the methods available offline.

You will need:

- access to the Internet; - phone.

Instruction how to find the address on the phone in Kazan

Step 1:

Visit telpoisk.com site. Select city…

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