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How To Install Google Chrome On The Iphone

How to install Google Chrome on the iPhone

Mobile version of the Google Chrome browser for a certain period of time has become the most popular free app in the App Store. This is due to the fact that a huge number of people are looking forward to the release of the browser for the iOS system.

To install the Google…

What Features Are Google'S Tablet

What features are Google's tablet

Tablet PC from a company called Google Nexus 7 was introduced at the show in June 2012. This is the first tablet in the Nexus line, released by listed companies. Naturally, the device works with the Android system.

The thickness of the 7-inch Nexus 7 tablet computer is 10.5 mm. This is not the thinnest tablet,…

Why Galaxy Banned In America

Why Galaxy banned in America

US court was satisfied the lawsuit filed by Apple inc in relation to the South Korean company Samsung Electronics. According to the new decree, the United States banned the sale of the tablet Galaxy Tab 10.1 computer.

Global patent war began in 2010. It was then that the first batch of Apple's lawsuits against competitors…

How To Use The Application Parking Douche From The Village

How to use the application Parking Douche from The Village

Parking Douche app was created electronic magazine The Village to combat certain categories of offenders. The main purpose of this application - reducing the number of drivers who do not respect the rules of parking on city streets.

Initially Parking Douche app was designed for installation on mobile devices. These devices…

How To Choose A Browser For Iphone

How to choose a browser for iPhone

iPhone comes standard with a good built-in Safari browser, but some owners complained about his gadget functionality. Therefore forced to look for another browser, or add-ons.

One of the best analogues Safari for iPhone is the Atomic Web Browser. His fans think he is even better staff Safari. Atomic Web Browser is a multifunctional…

When The Plates Will Be Available From Microsoft

When the plates will be available from Microsoft

The new operating system Windows 8 from Microsoft will be released in late 2012. It is precisely known. However, the exact release date is still unknown, but it is already clear that it will happen in October-November.

On this, citing some sources, said the agency Bloomberg. And if these data are correct, the…

How To Use A Gps-Navigator

How to use a GPS-navigator

GPS-navigator - a convenient electronic device that successfully used the inhabitants of large cities, tourists, fishermen and hunters. The device allows you to determine the location and displays it on the built-in map area. To navigator was useful, you need to become familiar with its features and learn how to use the device properly.

You will…

How To Download Applications For Mobile Phones

How to download applications for mobile phones

The basic function of a mobile phone - the ability to send and receive short sms-messages and make phone calls. Today it is possible to expand this functionality by using a special application that can be downloaded from the Internet.

You will need:

- mobile phone; - A computer connected to the Internet.

Instruction how…

What Are The Characteristics Of A New Generation Makbukov

What are the characteristics of a new generation makbukov

Apple is engaged in the development and creation of computer equipment, mobile devices, and various peripheral equipment. Modern laptops this manufacturer have a number of distinctive features.

Mobile Computing Apple's can be divided into two categories: MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. The first type includes full-fledged laptops with 13.3 and 15.4 inches.…

How To Charge The Phone Without Charging

How to charge the phone without charging

If you frequently use your mobile phone, you probably fall into a situation where urgently needed to charge the battery is stranded cell, but you had no opportunity to use the electrical socket. To defuse the device was not able to disrupt your plans, you need to carry around a special device that allows…

How Does Apple Tv

How does Apple TV

By connecting to a TV set-top box Apple TV, you can watch on the big screen the files stored in computers with Mac OS X or Windows, as well as the iPhone and iPad devices. Also, the device allows you to watch on the TV screen with YouTube videos.

Instruction how the apple tv

Step 1:

In terms…

How To Set The Date And Time On The Ipad

How to set the date and time on the iPad

Have hours on the displays of electronic gadgets has become commonplace. If you have a smartphone or electronic player and you often use them, you do not have to wear a wristwatch. Enough to pay attention to the screen of your device. Among such electronic devices released products company Apple -…

How Will The New Stylus By Apple

How will the new stylus by Apple

Apple products is recognized worldwide for its refinement and elegance. In each of her as a present something special. There is information that even a simple stylus - the fruit of the development of the company - will be different from the rest.

Instruction how to work the new stylus by apple

Step 1:


How To Find The Card For Satellite

How to find the card for satellite

Satellite navigators are increasingly part of the lives of motorists. Thanks to the device driver has the opportunity to within a few meters to determine your location, choose the most optimal route. But in order to show the way the navigator, in his memory matching cards should be loaded.

Instruction how to find cards…

How Does The New Apple Stylus

How does the new Apple stylus

Capacitive touchscreens, unlike resistance, and convenient to use with a stylus. But the need for this instrument is still there, if you need not press the virtual button and something to write or draw. One of the instruments designed for this purpose has recently been patented by Apple.

Instruction is designed as a new stylus…

How Do I Put The Phone In Pulse Mode

How do I put the phone in pulse mode

In stationary phones have two dialing mode: tone and impulsive. And these modes depend on the phone itself and the PBX features. Most exchanges have already switched to tone mode of operation. old-style phone, ie a rotary dialer, only works in the pulse mode, and you will not be able to translate…

How To Search For The Phone Pictures

How to search for the phone pictures

Most of the mobile phones, but the simplest models, supports the work with images. The new phones already have a collection of so-called factory of pictures that can be used as a screen saver or send via mms. A media library can be filled with new images if desired.

You will need:

- cellular telephone;…

How To Install Mp3-Tunes For Mobile Phones

How to install mp3-tunes for mobile phones

Loading media files including tracks in mp3 format, the phone may be performed in various ways. The most frequently used method of data transfer via cable or additional devices.

You will need:

- Bluetooth-adapter; - USB-cable; - Card reader.

Instruction how to install mp3-tunes for mobile phones

Step 1:

Complete with certain models of mobile phones…

How To Download Instagram For Pc

How to download Instagram for PC

Instagram The software package is available not only for smartphones, but also tablets running Android and iOS operating systems. It allows you to take pictures in the built-in device camera, turn them into similar to shot a film camera and then place in social networks.

Instruction download instagram computer

Step 1:

Make sure that the SIM-card…

How To Change The Brightness Of The Pda Display

How to change the brightness of the PDA display

The battery life on a single charge - a very important characteristic for any portable device. A lamp backlight - that detail the CCP, which consumes more energy than any other. For the rational use of lighting to set up, the more that there is nothing complicated about it.

You will need:


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