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Why is the phone itself off

The mobile phone can in certain circumstances spontaneously shut down or reboot. The reasons for such behavior of the device may be different, both hardware and software.

Why is the phone itself off

Instruction is why the phone automatically turns off

Step 1:

The most common cause of spontaneous shutdown of the phone is the lack of battery power. Typically, before otklyuchtsya for this reason, the apparatus displays a warning, sometimes several times. If at this time you typed or edited text at the first such prevention as soon as possible, save it and continue editing until later, when the unit will be charged. When he got home, to begin charging the phone immediately.

Step 2:

If the phone indicates a significant battery life, and then suddenly all the same deactivated or reset, the reason may be the increased internal resistance of the battery. Increased wear it. Change a battery and an old hand over to a special collection point. These items are available in some ZhEKah, DEZah and mobile phone stores. In the last of the deposited battery preostavlyayut sometimes a discount on a new one.

Step 3:

Sometimes the phone suddenly starts to reboot when you press the key. The reason for this may be violated by soldering elements, giving an effect when the board deformation. Independently such problems can be solved only if you know how good soldering SMD-components, or contact the webmaster.

Step 4:

The cause of spontaneous shutdown or reboot the phone may be a shortage of RAM. The phone, unlike a computer, there is no swap partition (swap). When it is running several applications (or even one, but resource-intensive), it may be accompanied by a program crashes, or reboot. To avoid this, do not run multiple applications, or replace them with less resource-intensive.

Step 5:

Power off your phone in the fall is explained simply: the battery terminals for a moment away from the spring contacts. If this does not depart the battery and the SIM-card, the phone for a while lose the network. To avoid such situations, do not drop the unit.