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Why smartphone or tablet slowly charged

Modern smartphones and tablets to consume quite a lot. Therefore, charge the battery of you often. But sometimes you notice that charging is going very slowly. Sometimes the smartphone itself reports of slow charging. What are the reasons for this phenomenon may be, and how to make charging faster?

Why smartphone or tablet slowly charged

Instruction why smartphone or tablet slowly charged

Step 1:

The most common culprit for the slow charge your smartphone or tablet is the charger. Despite the fact that the connector on the wire corresponds to the power jack on the mobile device, charging may provide less current than necessary. Old phone enough and powerful modern enough. Carefully read the output parameters of charging. There should be a sign of the current from 0.75 to 2 A.

Step 2:

The second frequency problem - cord. On the Internet you can find a special review of the USB-cable from different manufacturers, which at the same charger to deliver a smartphone from 0.5 to 2 A. Therefore, the slow recharging of the smartphone, try to change the power cord to another. The longer the cable, the more likely to receive a smaller charging current. The optimal size - 1-1.5 meters.

Step 3:

Very often slow charging the smartphone found in the car. Try not to use cheap Chinese car chargers. Absolute guarantee of fast charging a smartphone can only be obtained with a proprietary device! At least it fits your smartphone tested by the manufacturer.