How To Remove The Mercury, If Broken Thermometer

How to remove the mercury, if broken thermometer

Mercury - a dangerous substance. If broken mercury thermometer, it is necessary to immediately take action and remove everything that is possible, as long as the organisms in the vicinity of people do not have time to get poisoned. Mercury can enter the human body through the respiratory tract or the digestive system…

How To Remove The Paint From The Metal

How to remove the paint from the metal

When applied to the metal surface more than 3-5 layers of paint, apply another coat is meaningless, it will begin snaps. Remove the paint can be both a professional tool and the henchmen. Choose a course, you do, but still pay attention to the fact that some of the methods require a physical…

How To Keep The Vegetables Without Refrigeration

How to keep the vegetables without refrigeration

Not long ago, the refrigerator can be found in every home, but hostess still managed to preserve for the winter crop grown vegetables. Knowing some of the subtleties of storage vitamin product, you too will be able to do without a refrigerator, and even without a special cool cellar.

The main principle to be…

How To Make A Soft Terry Towel Again

How to make a soft terry towel again

Often after washing terry products lose their original appearance, becoming stiff and rough. How to make them soft and fluffy again?

You will need:

- liquid detergents; - Fabric softener; - Ball whipping down and terry; - salt.

Instruction how to make bath towels soft again

Step 1:

Bathrobes and towels are not recommended to…

As Ironed With Steam Generator

As ironed with steam generator

Iron with steam generator, previously used only by professionals, workshops in sewing and dry cleaners, are now available for home use. Of course, they are still expensive, but if finances allow, and the amount of things that need to be ironed, too big, the purchase of such a device would be superfluous. So iron is much…

What To Put Next To Melons

What to put next to melons

For melons are watermelon, cantaloupe and pumpkin. This is one of the most useful plants: they are the fruits are rich in vitamins, trace elements, organic acids and sugars. However, they have excellent taste. It is known that the crop yield depends not only on the weather and the level of farming, but also on…

Essential Oils In The Household

Essential oils in the household

There are many methods of application of natural essential oils. In addition to direct aromatherapy and cosmetics, the oil is used quite successfully in the household.

Aromatization of premises - the most common use of essential oils at home. This requires oil burner or aromakamni. The principle of operation is quite simple: the water poured into…

How To Care For A Washing Machine

How to care for a washing machine

Washing machine saves owner from tedious household duties - hand-washing laundry. Both the unit and repairs are very expensive, and it is wise to take care about the proper care of the machine.

The most common cause of failure of the automatic washing machine - the formation of scale on TENah (heating elements). To…

How To Clean Silver At Home

How to clean silver at home

Silver jewelry, dishware, and utensils look very nice. However noble the silver may lose its attractive appearance - darken, covered with spots and scratches. To this did not happen, for the expensive gizmos you need to look carefully - to store and clean if necessary.

You will need:

- cleaning wipes; - Liquid for cleaning silver;…

How To Water Plants Blooming In Summer

How to water plants blooming in summer

Different houseplants need watering varies significantly, but nearly all of them are in need of additional moisture in a period of intense flowering. This requirement must take into account and to provide the necessary care to plants.

Every day watering is required rhododendrons or azaleas. Regardless of the flowering period and the time of…

How To Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes At Night

How to protect yourself from mosquitoes at night

Complications, allergic reactions, and many other problems can occur after being bitten by a simple mosquito. Therefore, you should try as much as possible to protect them from themselves and the children. It is necessary to take into account the particular mosquito hunting, which is mostly accounted for the night. In addition, at…

How To Prepare Mayonnaise With Their Hands

How to prepare mayonnaise with their hands

Home-made mayonnaise can completely replace the purchased in-store. It is much more useful, because contains no preservatives, with taste you can experiment on your own. Preparation of mayonnaise at home does not require special skills and does not take much time.

You will need:

The mixer or blender Vegetable oil - 400 g Eggs -…

When That Plant

When that plant

Timely planting is one of the conditions for their normal growth and development and, in the case of fruit or vegetables, produce a good crop. Main landing operation in the spring, although the seedlings of vegetables grown in the home, you may need an earlier sowing and planting of winter crops term shifts in the fall.

You will…

How To Wash Stains From Paint

How to wash stains from paint

Avoid stains of paint is quite difficult, especially if the repairs in the building is in full swing. Painted bench in the park and handrails stores may also leave unpleasant marks on things. Get rid of these spots is difficult. Simple tips can help you cope with this problem.

Instruction how to wash stains from…

How To Scrub The Gum From The Pants

How to scrub the gum from the pants

Do not be upset if you found your new pants stain from gum. The main thing is do not try to scrub it from the trousers without pre-treatment - the pollution will be more extensive. Try to remove the trailing mass of proven methods.

You will need:

- solvents; - Detergent; - Cloth; -…

How To Wash A Candle

How to wash a candle

Traditional and decorative candles are often used for decoration of festive or romantic evenings. Their flames gives atmosphere and solemnity, and comfort. One is bad - and rough handling melted paraffin candles may spill on the tablecloth, clothes or carpet. Wash out the candle in these cases may be using different methods.

You will need:

- iron;…

How To Wash Motor Oil

How to wash motor oil

In case of motor oil resistant fabric formed brownish stain that can not wash off the powder. If you are filthy rags, which is a pity to send to the country, or throw, try to get rid of dirt.

You will need:

- stain remover; - Bleacher; - dishwashing liquid; - Solvent.

Instruction how to wash motor…

How To Wash A Carpet Zelenka

How to wash a carpet Zelenka

The spots of green fodder persistent enough, so scrub them with difficult carpet. But if you immediately begin to clean, there is a chance to get rid of dirt. To help you come to a modern paint thinners, and folk remedies.

You will need:

- powder; - Bleacher; - Stain remover; - Alcohol; - Brush; -…

Why Plants Are Transplanted In The Spring

Why plants are transplanted in the spring

If the transplant is not caused by the urgent need to move the plant from the pot broken, replace unsuitable soil or decaying flower save the roots, the plants tend to be transplanted in the beginning of the period of active growth, which occurs in the spring.

Spring Spring transplant annuals transplants used in…

How To Clean The Shoes Of The Reactants

How to clean the shoes of the reactants

In winter, the road is sprinkled with a special chemical. This reduces accidents and traffic accidents, but the most negative impact on the shoes, so we need to pay special attention to the careful care.

You will need:

- ammonia; - Vinegar; - Water; - Brush; - Spray; - Cream.

Instruction on how to…

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