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As ironed with steam generator

Iron with steam generator, previously used only by professionals, workshops in sewing and dry cleaners, are now available for home use. Of course, they are still expensive, but if finances allow, and the amount of things that need to be ironed, too big, the purchase of such a device would be superfluous. So iron is much easier and higher quality can be smoothed with the most delicate fabrics. It is possible to put in order the costumes, without removing them from the hangers and curtains - to the eaves. Using this complex in the form of a technical miracle is not difficult.

As ironed with steam generator

Instruction how ironed with steam generator

Step 1:

Pour water into the container of the steam generator. The container may be different; the value of the container will depend on how many things you can be ironed without topping up the water. After filling it with water, turn the steam generator. Wait a minute - should warm iron.

Step 2:

Select the desired mode of operation and accordingly set the switch on the control panel. This may be a small vaporization, Economy mode (saves up to 20% of energy) and the formation of a powerful steam. If you want to stroke it quickly, you can select the power mode.

Step 3:

Next, determine the temperature of ironing. It depends on the structure of the material from which sewed your thing. If your clothes have labels, read what the temperature is allowed, and program it on your appliance. If no instructions there, you can trust the figures - icons and inscriptions - on iron control panel.

Step 4:

To iron and you can normally. If you want to use the steam press the dedicated button below the handle of the iron. The steam will come out as long as you hold it.

Step 5:

If your things are formed deep creases that are difficult to smooth, or it is sewn from thick fabric, use the steam boost. Note: the steam boost button is located on top of the handle, so you accidentally press it can not.

Step 6:

If you do not calculate the amount of water and it ended in the ironing process, add it to the steam generator capacity can be at any time, without disconnecting it from the network. When the water runs out, you'll see the lights up on the control panel. After filling the container, click the restart button - and continue their work.

Step 7:

Keep in mind that if the iron will stand more than 8-10 minutes in a horizontal position, steam will enter standby mode, and an iron will no longer be heated (this makes it impossible for the emergence of a fire).