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As starched cheesecloth

Starched gauze may be required in different cases - for the repair of the book binding, for bandaging, strengthening, and manufacturing fields hats, to give splendor to the carnival skirt suit children or in other situations when you need a thin but resistant material is relatively small loads. Starched gauze holds its shape well, and to starch in her home, does not require great effort and cost.

As starched cheesecloth

You will need:

Water, starch, iron

Instruction how starched cheesecloth

Step 1:

The easiest way by which you can starched cheesecloth - to use a special solution for the starch. Such solutions are based on natural starch, and are commercially available in the form of the already finished. They look like an ordinary balloon under pressure. You need to spray the composition of gauze from a spray at a distance of 25-30 centimeters and iron iron. Under the influence of high temperature gauze becomes firmer.

Step 2:

The following method is suitable for starching bandages. Starch dissolved in water, dipped in a solution of the bandage and leave it there for twenty minutes. After the specified time the bandage is removed, straightened and allowed to dry. Rinse bandage, lay in the starch solution is not required. Starched bandages, usually used in conjunction with conventional bandages. They are used for curing dressings in the treatment of varicose and trophic ulcers.

Step 3:

In the manufacture of hats cheesecloth prepared as follows: brewed in the vessel is not too thick starch cheesecloth dipped into the resulting solution and thoroughly rubbing it into the surface of the gauze. Starch solution should completely cover the gauze evenly. gauze is then left to dry by hanging on a rope, or pulling on the frame. When the gauze dries, carefully iron it.

Step 4:

For a children's carnival costumes with lush skirts gauze must be rigid enough to support the weight of the fabric situated above it. In order to achieve this result, you must make a very thick starch. At the same time it is necessary to make sure that the consistency was uniform and did not look like jelly. For this purpose, boiling water is poured onto the prepared starch slurry (on a glass of cold water is half a cup of starch), the solution was stirred until smooth and give him a little ostyt.Kogda solution temperature is tolerable for hands, immersed in it, and gauze impregnated with her good solution. Thereafter, the cloth must be spread, dried and ironed. If the gauze is cracking down carelessly, with bends or kinks - iron to fix it is not work. We'll have to repeat the whole process from the beginning. By the way, if you add a little starch solution of the dye, can be both a starch and tint gauze.