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As the heated water in a large tank

Heat a large amount of water may be needed in different situations, but more often it is used for bathing. In this case, warm the liquid in small quantities is difficult and pointless, it is best to immediately raise the temperature in a large container.

As the heated water in a large tank

You will need:

- boiler; - Capacity black; - solar collector; - Cumulative or instantaneous electric heater.

Instruction how to heat water in a large tank

Step 1:

If you use the boiler to heat the water in a relatively large capacity, for example, in a vat or tank, making it possible by means of the conventional electric boiler. To do this, secure the device in such a way that only the metal part was immersed in water and then turn on the heater in network. When the water reaches the desired temperature you carefully disconnect and remove the device.

Step 2:

Heat the water in the sun in warm weather and bright sunshine water can be heated up to a high temperature and independently. However, it is necessary to heat the whole day. But this primitive version is perfect for a summer shower. And that was faster heating, paint container in black color that attracts the sun's rays, dark glass, cover and put in the most lit place.

Step 3:

Preheat using solar Such a device is connected by a bulb or perceiving the screen forming unit. The number of collector modules is directly related to the volume of heated water - the more modules, the greater the amount of fluid can be heated. And if you add in special sensors and automatic valve, you can easily maintain and control the temperature of the water. The solar collector can be used to heat the water in the different basins.

Step 4:

Use the storage or flow-through heaters do not need great technical ability, and water in large containers, they heated it is best to install them. The most economical way - storage heater whose capacitance may vary from 10 to 100 liters, and the flow - is limited to 54 cubic meters.