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How to apply WD-40 lubricant

The WD-40 is popularly known as "vedeshka". First, the product used for the cladding of spacecraft from corrosion. Now it can be purchased in almost any supermarket. WD-40 formula is a closely guarded secret. WD-40 can be used to lubricate the rusty hinges, loosening the nuts and defrosting locks. In addition, this wonderful tool can help out in other situations.

How to apply WD-40 lubricant

Instruction how to apply lubricant wd-40

Step 1:

With WD-40 can be easily divided glass beakers. It often happens that the glasses wedged tightly, and the use of force, you can simply crush a thin glass. We need little splash WD-40 and wait until the substance penetrates into the gap. Now you can easily separate the glasses, which then must be well washed.

Step 2:

WD-40 to effectively cope with cockroaches and insects. This substance deters unwanted visitors. You simply spray the spray on the window sills and frames, ventilation grilles and doorways. We perform this procedure should be the most careful. It should not inhale remedy and to be extremely cautious, if a family has small children and animals.

Step 3:

With WD-40 can also be removed with a thumb ring. Suffice couple of drops of grease and stuck ring easily slips off the fingers without causing pain.

Step 4:

WD-40 will help remove gum from hair. Chewing gum stuck to the hair - it's a real nightmare, however, WD-40 will help to cope with this unpleasant situation. When spraying should not inhale the vehicle and prevent it from getting into your eyes. After a while, the gum can be easily removed from the hair.

Step 5:

This wonderful tool will effectively remove scratches and scuff the floor. It should apply WD-40 thin layer, and then scratched to clean places with a brush.

Step 6:

To clean the toilets better means just do not find. It is enough to spray the toilet, and then walk on the contaminated surface with a brush. Lime and salt deposits will disappear without a trace.

Step 7:

WD-40 will help to protect shoes from moisture. This tool acts as a barrier to the penetration of liquid, but before you apply the spray on the shoes, you need to test it on a small area because the WD-40 can damage some materials.

Step 8:

With this tool, you can restore the license plates and protect them from rust. WD-40 is necessary to put on a clean surface, and then wiped well.

Step 9:

To prevent freezing of the windows in the cold season, you need to use WD-40, and then even in the bitter cold glass will not freeze.

Step 10:

If the process WD-40 rails and secluded place under the roof, where the wasps like to build nests, then these dangerous insects are already there will never turn up.

Step 11:

WD-40 effectively removes traces of glue. The unique formula funds to cope even with very strong adhesive.

Step 12:

With WD-40 can remove traces of excrement with a corrugated underside. It is enough to sprinkle on the sole agent and leave for a few minutes, and then rinse under the tap shoes.