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How to bring the smell of sweat in the shoe

Specific smell of sweat in the shoes - a problem that many people face. The reasons for the emergence of this disease are many: from fungal infections of the skin to the poor quality shoes.

How to bring the smell of sweat in the shoe

You will need:

- Oak bark; - Activated carbon; - aroma oils; - Tea soda.

Instruction how to get the smell of sweat in the shoe

Step 1:

To begin, seek professional help. An experienced physician, carefully read your problem, prescribe the necessary treatment. Often the unpleasant smell of sweat is a confirmation of fungal infections of the skin.

Step 2:

In order not to be exposed to this problem, buy shoes made of natural materials. Often low-quality shoes can cause the occurrence of a specific smell.

Step 3:

Regularly wash your shoes and her well dry. Typically, bacteria multiply in moist environments. After washing your shoes, wipe it from the inside with a solution of hydrogen peroxide. By morning, the smell of sweat will evaporate.

Step 4:

If the problem is an unpleasant smell of sweat in the shoes occurs regularly, 1-2 times a week, take special baths. To this end, 2 tablespoons of oak bark, pour 1 liter of boiling water. Capacity with broth, cover tight lid. In a small bowl, pour 1-2 liters of warm water and add a ready means. Dip your feet in capacity. Be careful: the water should not be too hot. After 15-20 minutes, carefully wipe his feet hard towel.

Step 5:

Also effectively removes the smell of sweat in the shoes of activated carbon. Grind it to a powder consistency. In the evening, pour in the required amount of each shoe means. During the night the activated carbon will absorb the odor. In the morning gently shake the remnants of funds. Activated charcoal can replace the ordinary tea soda.

Step 6:

Take a foot bath, a shower or a bath with a special means of a mixture of aromatic oils. To make it, mix eucalyptus oil, sage and pine in equal proportions. The resulting agent is added to the water. Repeat 1-2 times a week. Also this tool, you can soak the soles of your shoes. To do this with a cotton swab, apply a mixture of essential oils into your shoes.