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How to bring the varnish with clothes

The spots of nail polish on the cloth is considered one of the most stubborn. To clean the material from traces of lacquer, do not use acetone after him may remain white spots. Resulting clothes in order of need in several stages.

How to bring the varnish with clothes

You will need:

- tool polish remover without acetone; - Cotton pads; - laundry soap; - Washing powder; - Bleacher; - Gasoline; - Wine alcohol or hydrogen peroxide; - Gasoline.

Instruction how to get nail polish from clothing

Step 1:

Take a nail polish remover without acetone. Moisten a cotton pad or her piece of cotton wool and rub a small inconspicuous clothing section to see how the material reacts to the chemical composition of the fluid. If changes in the outer fabric as none (not paint faded, there were no white spots), treat the stain with a cotton pad itself, capturing the area around it.

Step 2:

Fresh stains from nail polish blot on several occasions tissue paper, paper towel (cloth) or clean cloth. Blurred side put cloth on the white paper and wipe the stain from the inside with a piece of cotton wool.

Step 3:

If the varnish is not soluble after treatment with a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover, pour on the stain the liquid directly from the bottle and leave it for ten minutes. Then soak the clothes in water with the addition of detergent or bleach (if the fabric composition allows to use it). After soaking the fabric of how to rub a piece of soap. Then wash and dry the item as usual.

Step 4:

Pour on the stain from the nail a little wine (ethyl) alcohol, gasoline or dilute in water of hydrogen peroxide. After five minutes, pour over the spot talc (baby powder) to absorb the excess liquid. Then wash clothes by hand, carefully zastiryvaya stained varnished areas.