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How to clean a carpet of hair

Carpet - the epicenter of the cluster of hair and sprinkled with pet hair in your apartment. Fortunately, thanks to the advice of the most uncomplicated consumer problem can be easily solved.

How to clean a carpet of hair

Instruction how to clean a carpet of hair

Step 1:

If your hair is long, you will easily collect them in the usual vacuum cleaner. More difficult will be short and thin hairs - they are stronger than woven into the carpet pile. Here we have some work to do.

Step 2:

Sweep the carpet wet broom. This procedure will remove only part of the hair, but still remaining on the hairs rise up, and they can be collected with a vacuum cleaner.

Step 3:

Clean the carpet with a damp cloth or a brush. Start with one of the edges and gradually work your way along its length. As pollution rinse the cloth in clean water. Do not forget to change the water. This cleaning method is quite laborious and will take some time. But you can clean the quality of the hair carpet even in the most severe cases.

Step 4:

Mix 200 ml fabric softener with a glass of water. With sprayer evenly over the carpet solution. This will help soften the hairs. After that, it will be enough just to vacuum coating.

Step 5:

Remove hair from the carpet and help ordinary baking soda. Spread it over the surface and vacuum thoroughly.

Step 6:

Buy a pet store gauntlet for combing dogs and cats. One aspect of such rubber products, which is why it easily adheres oblinyalaya wool.

Step 7:

Collect hair from the carpet can also be sticky tape, such as duct tape or roller to clean clothes. Wrap the hand with tape (sticky side out), press down to the surface. As the pollution change her belt. Sticky roller can simply ride on the carpet - it will bring with him all the garbage.

Step 8:

As banal as it may sound, timely systematic cleaning vacuum cleaner - the main recipe for maintaining the cleanliness of the carpet. It is much easier to remove individual hairs are not trampled in the coating, rather than scrape a "fur attire."