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How to clean down pillows

Today in specialized stores presented a lot of different models of pillows. Rectangular and square, low and high, with natural and artificial filler. Any one of them requires care. But if the pillow filled holofayberom, you can simply wash the car, clean the feather little harder.

How to clean down pillows

You will need:

- a basin for washing hands or washing machine; - Washing powder; - Gauze bag of feathers; - Capacity for fluff.

Instruction how to clean down pillows

Step 1:

Remove the pillow-case with a cushion. Prepare for feathers and down a clean, dry container. Some models of pillows on the pillow-case has zipper for ease of maintenance. If not, carefully backwater at one edge of the pillow. Do not make the cut once more, because the fluff is very light and it is quite difficult to collect the entire room. The cooked pour the filling capacity.

Step 2:

Naperniki shake well and wash. Program and choose a washing temperature, given the material from which sewed pillow-case. replace it with a new - If you have more on the tissue revealed spots of mold, she rubbed a pillow-case year.

Step 3:

Pooh iterate through. Disassemble all the stringy clumps and throw rubbish. In preparing special mesh (gauze) carefully pour the bag down and wash in a machine or by hand at a temperature of not more than sixty degrees Celsius. Not sypte too much washing powder, or fluff will be very difficult to rinse out.

Step 4:

Wash bag to fluff dry thoroughly. It would be better if it happens outdoors. Most Ted shake and fluff while drying to avoid forming lumps stuck together. It should be light and soft. Do not sutured in napernik filler, if it is not completely dry, or can be formed mold and fungus.

Step 5:

Net napernik to tamp down pillows. Close the zipper, or sew on a typewriter or by hand in a pillow-case hole into which was poured fluff. Clean and updated pillow ready.