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How to clean iron jewelry

If you have a favorite decoration of iron, they want a little longer to keep a nice and shiny. Unfortunately, sometimes there is a raid on the jewelry, and now have to solve the question of how to clean jewelry at home. With the right approach, it is possible to restore the beauty products.

How to clean iron jewelry

Jewellery require regular maintenance and timely cleaning. To remove the plaque from the metal products needed to carry out the following steps:

- the color of products has not changed, they should be regularly cleaned with a microfibre cloth and using a dry cotton pieces can be polished to a shine decoration;

- in jewelry stores offer a lot of different tools to help take care of the different metals, but if you can not find a suitable, use ammonia and a soft cloth;

- to remove dark stains apply a dentifrice or paste.

If steel jewelry for a long time kept in inappropriate conditions, they are almost impossible to clean. To avoid spoilage of products, try to follow some simple rules:

- do not let your metal jewelery kept in conditions of high humidity;

- in close contact with the makeup metal in most cases, significantly darkens - you will a special tool for cleaning jewelry, which must be used with a dry cloth;

- for storing jewelery, use individual cloth bags that would be good to put in a tight box burrow, which will not be exposed to the dust and the sun's rays.

You can not permanently leave the iron unattended decorations - frequent wearing gives them a better appearance. Otherwise, taking the product from the box, you'll be sad to note that little things left unattended, darken and lose their beautiful appearance.