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How to clean mold

Mould produced from spores of fungi that are starting to grow very quickly in damp, poorly ventilated areas. With long-term growth of spores are deeply embedded in the surface of the mold and becomes black. If you do not conduct timely processing, all of the air in the room will be filled with spores that have a negative impact on health.

How to clean mold

You will need:

- putty knife; - Antiseptic; - Chlorine-containing agent; - Vinegar; - Stain remover; - Additional forced ventilation system; - Heat fans.

Instruction how to clean mold

Step 1:

In the presence of mold in the room, pay close attention to the ventilation system. Clean the existing mines and install additional forced ventilation. Insulate water pipes using waterproof materials to the walls do not get wet. Before working tube of antiseptic coat primer for use in damp areas, and color.

Step 2:

Large areas affected by mold, have to be subjected to thorough repairs. Remove old finishes, remove the entire layer of plaster, carefully treat the entire surface of antiseptics that prevent re-occurrence of mold, everything dry with a heat fan, and only then proceed to the re-decoration.

Step 3:

Small areas affected by mold, can be treated without resorting to global work and overhaul. Scrape off all the mold layer with a spatula, rinse with a chlorine-containing agent, treat with antiseptic, dry thoroughly.

Step 4:

After removing the mold spend constant ventilation of the room air through-flow, constantly keep enabled the forced ventilation system. Fungal Spores can not be removed from the air, so, if the conditions for growth and reproduction again become favorable, the mold is formed again on the surface of the raw space, and you have to carry out reprocessing.

Step 5:

If the mold appeared on the clothes, which happens quite often when storing items in a damp room, which contains spores of fungi, deal with all the bleach agent or vinegar, then wash thoroughly.

Step 6:

Persistent mildew stains with a tissue is removed using tools designed to remove stains from white things. Use the "Vanish". It will effortlessly remove dirt from the mold and will not spoil the fabric.