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How to clean shoes

For people to perceive you as a serious and responsible person, you need not only to display these qualities through their actions, but also look neat. And clean shoes - the perfect complement to the image. But you need to take care of her carefully so she kept fresh and beautiful look.

How to clean shoes

You will need:

- special funds for the care of footwear; - Brushes; - Ammonia; - Soap solution; - Washing powder.

Instruction how to clean shoes

Step 1:

Identify the material from which made your shoes. This is an important point, because thanks to him, you will be able to determine what cleaning methods can be used on a particular pair of shoes. For example, you should be more careful with boots made of suede or nubuck. A pair of leather less whimsical, but it is necessary to know the specific approach, to serve you more than one season and looked with a new one.

Step 2:

Do not be afraid to clean rag shoes. Perhaps the most unpretentious material. Any spots on the fabric, you can remove the usual detergent. If the stains are ingrained, use bleach. But be careful - if the shoes of bright colors, you can overdo it and get the same brightness instead of pale spots.

Step 3:

Be more careful with the leather shoes. Get special shampoos and sponges for skin care. If for any reason to buy special equipment did not work, regular fit soft flannel cloth. If your leather shoes appeared the stain, try to remove it with a sponge, which is pre-soak in soapy water. Do not rub the stain, try to clean the shoes with soft, flowing movements.

Step 4:

Dry suede shoes before attempting to clean it up. With this material you need to be especially careful, because one wrong decision - and your favorite shoes or boots will be a spot that will be impossible to deduce. Clean suede soft brush, pre-moisten it with soapy water. The solution add a few drops of ammonia.

Step 5:

After washing, clean the shoes special rubber brush and let dry. No need to put suede shoes to dry under the battery or close to other heat sources.