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How to clean silver at home

Silver jewelry, dishware, and utensils look very nice. However noble the silver may lose its attractive appearance - darken, covered with spots and scratches. To this did not happen, for the expensive gizmos you need to look carefully - to store and clean if necessary.

How to clean silver at home

You will need:

- cleaning wipes; - Liquid for cleaning silver; - Ammonia; - Soap or shampoo; - Soft sponge and cotton swabs; - Flannel; - Coca Cola; - Soda or toothpaste.

Instruction how to clean silver at home

Step 1:

The biggest enemy of silver - the moisture. She leaves things unsightly dark spots. To get rid of them, treat the surface of products with special wipes impregnated with a cleaning composition, then buff to a shine flannel.

Step 2:

Heavily contaminated ornaments and utensils can be soaked in the cleaning liquid. Select means of domestic or imported, dip it in the product and soak a few minutes. Precise instructions indicated on the package. Make sure that the dark spots disappear, and dry with a clean cloth silver. Cleaning fluid not only removes browning and protects silver from their appearance - after handling things covered with a thin film that protects the surface of the metal.

Step 3:

Smooth things out of silver without inserts and coatings can try to clean cola. Moisten the swab in the drink and then wipe the product. Small little things can be immersed in the liquid entirely - 7-10 minutes will be enough.

Step 4:

Jewelry with stones can be easily cleaned using soap solution. Shampoo or soap flakes dissolve in warm water container, pour in the mixture of a couple of tablespoons of ammonia. Soak the product and gently rub it, washing the hard to reach places. It is convenient to do it a little soft sponge or cotton swab. Scrubbing thing dry thoroughly and store in a pouch.

Step 5:

Silverware can be cleaned with dry soda or toothpaste. However, note that these funds are abrasive and can scratch the surface. Do not treat this way silver, covered with decorative coating.

Step 6:

Clearing decorations, do not use hard instruments such as needles or nail scissors. They can scratch the surface much. If trouble has occurred, bring the victim item in the jewelry workshop - with deep scratches at home, you can not handle.