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How to clean suede shoes

Suede shoes are not recommended to be worn in wet weather, since it quickly formed whitish stains. In order to protect this "naughty" stuff, which requires much more care than the skin on a daily basis you will need to devote a few minutes to clean it from dirt and moisture.

How to clean suede shoes

Instruction how to clean suede shoes

Step 1:

Use a dry foam sponge to remove dirt from suede spray and dust. Before processing the shoes will be dried. Brush with stiff bristles or synthetic usual eraser will help to give a normal appearance and wiped zalosnivsheysya suede.

Step 2:

Clean shoes black suede using exhaust typewriter ribbons. Treat suede special spray, after removing the dust and dirt. Then put on the shoes water-repellent spray.

Step 3:

Try to clean suede, wiping her a crust of stale bread. On the brown suede brush, apply the coffee grounds, and giving it to dry, after a while, clean with a dry brush.

Step 4:

Dissolve in the water a little bit of detergent and rinse carefully with this solution suede shoes. Rubbing shoes consistently moist and dry cloth, put inside the newsprint and leave to dry away from heat sources.

Step 5:

Remove grease stains from shoes, sprinkled with talc or moistened with petrol. After a few hours of clean suede brush. Hold the shoes over the pot or kettle of boiling water, if you can not clear the material in another way.

Step 6:

Wash your shoes faux suede with a weak solution of detergent that is recommended for synthetic, silk and wool fabrics. Shoes made of artificial suede with a pattern in the direction of the pile treat with a soft brush, dipped it in the pre-foam neutral detergent.