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How to clean the coffee machine from scale

If you like coffee, it is a good machine for its cooking in your house - the device is not superfluous. But, unfortunately, as the tea, coffee from time to time have to be cleaned from scale. This should be done on a regular basis, that lasts you faithfully for at least a few years. The cleaning procedure is simple, but it depends on the model.

How to clean the coffee machine from scale

You will need:

- acetic acid; - lemon acid; - lemon juice.

Instruction how to clean the coffee machine from scale

Step 1:

In professional coffee machines are usually provided for a self-cleaning system. It is necessary to fill the tank full of water, start the appropriate program, not a mound of coffee to water has passed the whole cycle of idling. Perform this procedure before you prepare coffee, and before the machine is switched off. In this case the scale will be produced more slowly.

Step 2:

Home models - filtration, drip and geyser, and a coffee maker with a removable brewing unit for cleaning can be disassembled. Use any mild detergent, but not abrasive to avoid scratching the surface. Disassemble the unit, remove and rinse under running warm water and the lid, filters and other parts. Housing coffeemakers wipe with a damp cloth, preventing water from entering inside. If you will perform these steps frequently, scum in the coffee machine is formed soon.

Step 3:

But if you notice that the solid salts stuck to more inside the coffee machine and remove them with a simple wash is no longer possible, it is time to use substances intended to deal with scum. They are sold in the form of tablets, powder or liquid. Once you put a few tablets in compartment for ground coffee, fill the coffee maker in the hot water tank is completely filled. Cleaner leave for a few minutes. Duration is usually specified in the instructions on the package. Then run the coffeemaker and brew a couple of "coffee" cups (without, of course). Brew water so you will have a few more times, after a few minutes, until the water is used up in the tank. After the procedure again, rinse the entire system with clean water.

Step 4:

If your coffee is anticalc function, find it in the menu, select, and 15 minutes later you're ready. Then rinse the water tank and pass through a clean water system.

Step 5:

You can use one of the most famous folk ways. In one of them offered to fill in the coffee maker solution of acetic acid in a ratio of 50:50, in another - or lemon juice squeezed out of a pair of lemons. In the acidic environment dissolves the hardened salt. Run one cycle with acid (if scum strong need to repeat several times), and then - with pure water until no acid residues from smoete boiler walls.

Step 6:

In the future, consider the stiffness of your water. If it is soft, often to clean the coffee maker you do not have. But if the water is hard and scum formed quickly, it would be better if you install in the water softening filter.