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How to clean the house from the negative

At each house or apartment has its own aura. It depends on the people who live there, as well as all the events that have "seen" the walls of the room. There are homes where a negative voltage and literally hang in the air. You need to be sure to clean the house from evil forces, and possibly from the induced damage.

How to clean the house from the negative

You will need:

- Holy water; - Salt; - Pan; - Pins; - Needles; - Icons; - Prayer.

Instruction how to clean the house from the negative

Step 1:

Take a sufficient amount of coarse salt and pour it into the pan, add back the used needles, pins and pins. Their number should be equal to the number of family members. Put the pan on the fire lit, loud lists all the troubles that have plagued your family, and stir the contents in a clockwise direction. Finish when the salt particles will begin to crack and will become darker shade.

Step 2:

Extinguish the fire, take the pan and turn his back to the stove or furnace, where there was a frying pan. Turn left and begin to get an apartment in silence. Keep the pan on all corners and confined spaces. All doors except the front, must be open.

Step 3:

Again, put the pan on the stove and light the fire. Now you need not to interfere with the contents of the frying pan in a clockwise direction and crosswise. It is worth to say these words: "How come - there and gone. All that bad we wanted everything for himself back and was taken away. " Extinguish the fire on the stove and go to the bathroom, turn on the water, pour salt into the toilet and see that it is obligatory was washed away with water. Wash the pan with the utmost care. It should not be left traces of the ritual.

Step 4:

Set in the house as much as possible icons and perform the prayer. Light force in any case, will be more powerful than the dark, negative and he leaves your home. But if you actually decide to use this method, then do it on a regular basis, to the forces of light are not turned away from you.