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How to clean the pipes

Smoking is injurious to health. This was known to many. However, there are people who can not give up the pipe. Unlike plain cigarette tube requires great care and concern. For example, it is necessary to regularly clean your smoking accessories. The only way they can last for decades.

How to clean the pipes

Instruction how to clean the pipes

Step 1:

Owners pipes aware that they need to be cleaned after each use, getting rid of the soot. In addition, each tube requires a special approach. In no case do not hurry up, otherwise there is a risk of damaging the layer of soot.

Step 2:

To clean the pipe smoking, do not wait until it cools down. Get rid of the ash accumulated in the tobacco chamber. To do this, use the special pipe ashtray fitted with a plastic or cork ledge. Of course, you can knock out and the palm. Thereafter aside toward the product.

Step 3:

After some time, remove the mouthpiece. If the handset is integrated cooler or filter, remove it. Take special brush or an awl for smoking accessories. With it, clean the flue. Many people buy the tees, which consist of all the necessary tools. Wipe dry with a soft cloth tube.

Step 4:

If desired, you can also use special tools designed for cleaning the external and internal parts of a pipe. They can be bought in a store or replace any alcohol-containing liquid.

Step 5:

There are situations where the smoker feels the moisture drops rolling down his mouth. This is due to the fact that the moisture begins to accumulate within the product, and bubbling tube.

Step 6:

As a result of nicotine in a "pure" form gets you into the language, bringing discomfort. In this case, right at the time of smoking, remove the mouthpiece and walk around several times in smoke channels with an awl or a cleaning brush.

Step 7:

Most amateurs pipes noticed that products of wood and foam requires an individual approach. In the latter case, they are so fragile that even a slight bump on a hard surface can damage them. So think of attention as a clean and to keeping his pipe.