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How to clean up the room

Cleaning of the room is often delayed for a day. And the reason for it - correctly planned time. Tidy up the room well and quickly possible, to use some of the recommendations.

How to clean up the room

You will need:

- cotton cloth; - detergents; - Plastic garbage bags.

Instruction how to clean up the room

Step 1:

For a start, get rid of distracting your attention factors: turn off the TV, computer. To set the mood turn on your favorite radio wave or just music. Slide the curtain that was light in the room. Can you open up the window or window. The room must be present fresh air.

Step 2:

First collect all the garbage. To do this, take a regular plastic trash bag. Do not give up on this point, even if you feel that he does not need. In the process you will see how much unnecessary paperwork and stuff you have accumulated.

Step 3:

All things immediately expanded in its place. Dirty linen relates to the bathroom, preparing it faded. Move around the room in sequence, causing each section in order. Do not forget the closet with things. Cleaning should be of not superficial, so inspect the premises.

Step 4:

Cleaning up the room with dust. Wet cleaning - an integral part in the quest for purity. Soak a clean cloth in warm water and added to, for example, a few drops of lemon juice. Dust wipe from the top shelf of the cabinet. Then wipe the sills and household appliances (TV, computer, tape recorder, etc.). Do not forget: on the upholstered furniture also collects a lot of dust, so use a vacuum cleaner or apply a wet brush or sponge to clean the furniture. Lies step in the fight against dust serves as a floor cleaning. Wipe it with a cloth or mop, do not forget about the plinth.

Step 5:

At the end of the room, pay attention to cleaning windows and mirrors. Their shine will help the room look really nice and clean retracted. To do this, use the special detergent that can be purchased at any department of household chemicals, or wipe the surface with warm water, adding a few drops of ammonia. Then wipe the glass dry with paper towels, to not leave streaks.