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How to clean white suede boots

Suede - a material that requires special care. White suede boots are not only very stylish and beautiful shoes, but also, unfortunately, very markaya.Kak correctly to clean boots, suede without spoiling?

How to clean white suede boots

You will need:

- foam for cleaning footwear; - A sponge; - hydrogen peroxide; - Ammonia; - Brush for suede; - Soap solution; - Vinegar; - Milk; - baking soda; - salt; - Water-repellent spray; - Eraser for suede

Instruction how to clean white suede boots

Step 1:

To clean the boots must hold them over steam for a few minutes, and then cleaned with a brush for suede. Wash white suede boots is highly undesirable and is allowed only in case of very stubborn dirt.

Step 2:

Prepare a solution for cleaning a white suede. To do this, take a glass of warm water and dissolve in it one teaspoon of ammonia and the same amount of hydrogen peroxide. Gently wipe the boots with the resulting mixture. Dry thoroughly and treat with water-repellent spray.

Step 3:

Make warm soapy water, adding a mild detergent in water. Add ammonia rate of 1: 5. Carefully clean suede boots made solution with a brush. Rinse with cold water and vinegar - one teaspoon per gallon of water.

Step 4:

Get rid of the stains on the white suede boots, you can use milk. Dissolve in a glass of milk two teaspoons of baking soda, add a few drops of ammonia. Carefully wipe the soiled areas with this solution.

Step 5:

Remove with boots grease stains can be using tooth powder, talcum powder or powdered chalk. After the treatment, clean the stain with a brush shoes.

Step 6:

Treat stains on white suede boots special eraser.

Step 7:

Pour on the contaminated surface of boots salt and clean them with a brush.

Step 8:

To clean the boots made of suede can also use ordinary white bread crumb.

Step 9:

Use the special cleansing foam footwear from nubuck and zamshi.Dlya this take Balon foaming cleaner and shake it. Place Balon vertically. Apply the foam on a sponge and clean boots. Wipe the shoes with a damp cloth. Dry and treated with special means of protection.