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How to deduce stains from silicone

Silicon is widely used in building construction due to their water-repellent properties. It is used in the home for a period of renovation, but it leaves a greasy stain if mistreated. You can get rid of them, using the means at hand and special solvents.

How to deduce stains from silicone

You will need:

- knife; - Spatula on the glass; - Acetone; - Solvent; - Two-sided sponge for washing dishes; - Metal scraper; - Soap; - Detergent for dishes; - Wiper; - Acetone; - Means for removing silicone; - White Spirit; - Rags; - Wool or cosmetic wheels; - Gloves; - paper towels.

Instruction how to get stains from silicone

Step 1:

Clean stains from silicone with tiled plitkiSlozhnost work will depend on the size and age of pollution. The spot, like a frozen puddle of thick drop or try to pry the knife. If you are lucky and it is completely lag behind the tiles, wipe these places tight side of the sponge using any detergent. Scrape off the old traces of a metal spatula or knife, wetting the stain with acetone or white spirit. Remove the hardened remains of a special tool. The dissolution time depends on the size and thickness of the contamination. Take a soft spot with a spatula or knife. Repeat the procedure if it fails to achieve the desired result on the first try. Clean the instrument with a paper towel or cloth.

Step 2:

Clean the stain of silicone from glass avtomobilyaPosle negligent performance of sealing glass are often left grease stains. Mix and match various cleaning methods. Start with a mechanical action: gently scrape the thick layers of the blunt side of a knife. If left traces of muddy spots ototrite their tough side sponge for washing dishes. Try to remove stains acetone. Damp plain cosmetic drive small amount of liquid, and gently remove plaque. Then wipe all the glass cleaner.

Step 3:

Clean silicone odezhdySvezhee spot is not difficult to remove if you do not rubbed it in a cloth. Tighten the soiled clothes in the place of contamination. Grease stains, stretching to turn into a film, and you can easily distinguish it from the clothing. Effectively deal with the remnants of the old silicone helps cold. Pack the soiled item into a clean bag and place on 2-3 hours in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator. Cold clothes stain stretch in place and remove the film.