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How to determine the height of the table

Ease of table depends on its height. If the worktop is too high or too low, it will create discomfort, and during long-term use can cause a violation of posture and spinal curvature.

How to determine the height of the table

You will need:

- line; - Roulette; - Cord; - Nut.

Instruction how to determine the height of the table

Step 1:

Determine the height of the table can be exploiting by means of measuring instruments: from the usual range of office to the construction of the roulette. If his legs simple geometric shapes and tightly abut against the reverse side surface, sufficient to measure them and adds to this the number of countertop thickness, to obtain a height value. For convenience during operation, it is desirable to make the mark with chalk or pencil, which will not allow to get off when you use too short range.

Step 2:

If in front of you is an intricate table with figural legs, it is advisable to measure the height from the surface of the edge to the floor, but the notional straight line should go strictly perpendicular. With a tape measure to make it easy: at its end there is a tab that will set the measuring tape in the right direction. But if the line length is much shorter than the distance to be measured, it is necessary to use another object.

Step 3:

Take the string, thread, elastic cord, which is longer than the expected height of the table. In principle, you can use any materials at hand, meets these parameters.

Step 4:

Tie one end of the cord nut under the influence of the weight of which he stood. It will serve as the center of gravity.

Step 5:

Attach the free end of the cord to the surface of the countertop so that the nut fell to the floor, and the cord is under tension.

Step 6:

Put a label on it, and then place it on a flat surface and easily measure the distance with a short line of the scale divisions.

Step 7:

Determine the desired height of the table, which is only supposed to buy, it can be based on already existing furniture. If no comparison, when addressing this issue need to be repelled from the height of the chair: it add approximately 20 cm.