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How to display a skin odor

Just bought leather things often unbearable smell of leather. Someone who likes the smell, and someone is trying his best to withdraw it. There are many ways to do this, but some of them can ruin new clothes. In some cases, skin odor added many new flavors. Therefore, only use proven methods.

How to display a skin odor

You will need:

Plastic bag, ground coffee, salt, vinegar essence, impregnation, ammonia, soap, water, castor oil

Instruction how to get the smell of leather

Step 1:

Use of coffee. We need to take a plastic bag and put the purchased leather thing in it. Then pour into a small amount of ground coffee and tie the package. It is recommended not to open it before 2 days.

Step 2:

Give to the dry cleaners. It is only necessary deparfyumirovat clothes do not need to be cleaned. It's not very expensive.

Step 3:

Use the salt. It is known, absorbs odors. Fall asleep in her jacket. The main thing do not regret. Leave for a couple of days and wash cloth soaked in water.

Step 4:

Vinegar. It will help to remove any odor. Take a bag to put the new thing and a cloth that has been soaked in essences. To extract the leather thing possible after 12 hours.

Step 5:

Use impregnation. You can buy a water-repellent impregnation, it will kill two birds with one stone - will remove the smell of leather and protect items from moisture.

Step 6:

Hang out on the balcony. This is the traditional way that the test of time. But that's how much time to wait - is unknown. Maybe a day, maybe a week. Most importantly - do not need to work on new clothes by any means.

Step 7:

Means for updating and cleaning of leather items. It is a spray in the can. It cleans, disinfects and softens the leather and skin, and most importantly - eliminates odors (will help bring even the smell of cigarettes) and adds shine.

Step 8:

Use the solution. Leather thing should be washed with a special solution, which consists of soap, water and ammonia. Then, to make things shine, we recommend lightly rub it with a cloth that has been soaked with castor oil.