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How to distinguish natural sheepskin

Natural fur have a high cost. For this reason, unscrupulous manufacturers are trying to forge warm products, synthetic materials under natural. Sheepskin has a number of features, which can be distinguished from synthetics.

How to distinguish natural sheepskin

Instruction how to distinguish natural sheepskin

Step 1:

Pay attention to the color of the fur and skin. Sheepskin can be dazzling white. If the fur and skin have a nice cream shade, then in front of you, most likely, not fake. You should be alerted if the product is a bright cream or peach. But one option that is difficult to judge.

Step 2:

Smell of fur products. If it has a fishy smell or synthetic dye pronounced flavor, the fake sheepskin. When shopping for colored fur this way of testing is considered unreliable. But if the thing is properly treated, even after painting retained a subtle smell of natural sheepskin.

Step 3:

Pull the skins in different directions in the vicinity of any seam. If this natural sheepskin, the seam will not be visible through the skin, as the skin is not stretched. Synthetic materials are less dense, and if you pull them, you will notice a thread.

Step 4:

Synthetic forgery can be distinguished from the original, if you try to separate the fur and skins. If they are separated, it is the usual material, which is adhered to the fur. Bending sheepskin should not see any glue or any materials. Separate the fur pelts from impossible.

Step 5:

If you have already bought a fur coat, but you are plagued by vague doubts about its authenticity, then you can figure it out as a result of wear. The genuine sheepskin is not hot, but at the same time and not cold. The synthetic man begins constantly sweat and feel uncomfortable.

Step 6:

Purchase these products only in large stores with a good reputation. Of course, in their price can be much higher, but also the chance to buy a fake at times reduced. If you have never previously purchased items from the sheepskin, then before you make a purchase, walk around the different shops to compare, look like the genuine product.