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How to fix leaking aquarium

The reasons for leakage of the aquarium can be a little: initially admitted to the marriage or in the production of aquarium sealant joints insufficiently filled. Impractical people can be replaced with a new aquarium. But if you are not willing to throw money down the drain, then there are several ways to help you eliminate leaks.

How to fix leaking aquarium

You will need:

- silicone sealant for aquariums - nail file.

Instruction how to fix leaking aquarium

Step 1:

The first step is to clean the seams in the areas of leakage, in this case, will have to move all the fish for a while in another container and drain the water from the aquarium. Remove all tools, soil and plants, carefully wash the tank and how to dry.

Step 2:

Now you can start to eliminate this problem. Inspect the seams carefully, they are filled with a special substance - sealant, which eventually loses its unique adhesive qualities, and then there is a violation of the docking, respectively, the aquarium begins to leak.

Step 3:

Take a small sharp object, it can be a metal nail file or a small spatula and gently scrub of sodden seam sealant. Proceed very carefully so you do not accidentally damage the glass. Clean completely all the rubber parts of the substance to the seam remained virtually clean. Of course - work is not easy, but after a thorough cleaning, you will only be sealed internal seams using a silicone sealant that is designed specifically for the aquarium. It is great to cope with the task.

Step 4:

Apply a small amount of sealant on the inner seam and try it wet and soapy finger to shove as deep as possible into the joints. Try to do this so that the seam is completely filled with the sealant, even better, he speaks little, than it will be missed. Use the nail file flatten and spread the excess silicone on the surface. After all seams are sealed, leave the tank to dry for two days. After the allotted time, fill it with water and see the fruits of your labors. If the leak does not appear - it means you did everything correctly.