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How to get rid of flies in the kitchen

Small fruit flies Drosophila - lovers of decaying plant residues, or stsiaridy feeding on the roots of potted plants, can spoil a cozy atmosphere prevailing in your kitchen. Fortunately, in spite of their large number, to get rid of the uninvited guests will not be difficult.

How to get rid of flies in the kitchen

Instruction how to get rid of flies in the kitchen

Step 1:

Find a habitat and breeding fruit flies. It can be used tea bag, a rotting fruit or vegetable, potatoes spoil, open jar of jam, bags of nuts and grains. Flies can also settle in the container with a chemical cleaning agent, in food hammered pieces of shell hole. Eliminate breeding ground of insects, shells Gulf of chemicals, clean them and plunger throwing spoiled food.

Step 2:

Put a trap for flies, flying around the kitchen and avoid the tragic fate of their fellows. Place the bait in a glass jar - a piece of fruit or a few drops of jam. Take a sheet of paper and fold it in the shape of a funnel with a small hole at the tip. Insert the tip of the funnel down and secure the place where it is in contact with the bank tape. Fly Drosophila and the smell got into the bank, no longer able to get out of it, because it will be very difficult to detect a small hole in the funnel.

Step 3:

Place the bait in a plastic cup, and pull the plastic wrap on it. Thick needle make it more holes. The holes should be small, to delay the midges, seeking to escape to freedom. Periodically dispose of glass trap, previously covering the hole with duct tape, and put a new long until you catch all the flies.

Step 4:

Get rid of the flies living in flower pots, watering the ground in them a special tool or a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Thus all the plants to be treated present in the house. If the house does not have small children, the air near the places where the flock stsiaridy can spray aerosol type "Dihlofoks".

Step 5:

Plug into the ground a few matches, turning their head down. If stsiaridy not disappear after a couple of days, replace with new matches. Pour the ground in a pot with decorative stone, glass crumbs, beads or marble chips. This will prevent flies live in the soil and begin to multiply.