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How to get rid of mold in the bath

The appearance of mildew - a serious problem. It can cause allergies, asthma in passing, diathesis in children, migraine, asthma and cardiovascular disorders. Often, it becomes one of the causes of destruction of buildings. Mold likes high humidity. Therefore, in the baths, where the condensate - a common phenomenon, this problem occurs often enough.

How to get rid of mold in the bath

Instruction how to get rid of mold in the bath

Step 1:

Locate and eliminate the cause of the mold. Most actively it spreads at a relative humidity above 95%, a temperature of + 20 ° C and poor air exchange. So make sure to check the ventilation condition. Perhaps it should be cleaned or even completely redone.

Step 2:

Active growth of mold fungi contributes to the dirt. Keep the bath room. Unfortunately, some owners baths believe that the walls are therefore kept clean simply by virtue of the fact that in the process of washing the surface is constantly rinsed.

Step 3:

Proceed to clean moldy surfaces. You can use the usual alcohol. Just be careful not to forget that this is a flammable liquid. The alcohol is dehydrogenated well (ie eliminating the water) that allows mold to kill attacks, both on the surface and in depth.

Step 4:

You can also try to treat the surface with a solution of iron sulphate. For this purpose, 1 liter of water dissolve iron sulfate (22 g), potassium alum (44 g) and sodium chloride (18 g). If the mold a little, and it has only recently appeared, try to get rid of it by wiping the surface normal "whiteness." Another recipe: A solution of 40% formalin of 25 ml per 1 liter of water.

Step 5:

In addition to these folk remedies, you can use professional, are sold at hardware and home improvement stores. Choosing the means for processing, make sure that it is specifically designed to remove mold, not for preventing its occurrence.

Step 6:

Thoroughly rinse all surfaces with clean water. Since all of these chemicals are harmful to human health.

Step 7:

After a complete cleansing of the surface of the room should be thoroughly dried mold. You can then handle the special tools for prevention. It now remains only to constantly monitor the state of the bath room and prevent mold again.