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How to maintain order in the house

Perfect order in the house - the dream of every housewife. However, the pace of modern life is not so easy to find the time for a complete cleaning, especially working women. In this situation, a simple and effective solution would be the separation of activities to restore the cleanliness of the three types.

How to maintain order in the house

Instruction how to maintain order in the house

Step 1:

The easiest way to maintain order in the house - it is an urgent cleaning. It does not give a slight manifestations of the disorder, which is quite easy to manage, develop into serious problems. For example, when cooking on the stove there are a couple of oily stains. They are almost invisible and does not interfere with you. On the one hand, you can just wipe them with a sponge, then the stove will again be clean. And if every day to leave these spots without attention, very soon formed multilayer with burnt crust. Then on the plates clean, you will spend much more time and effort. So, special cleaning allows you to immediately get rid of the dirt. Otherwise, the small business will accumulate, and very soon you are so used to the confusion surrounding that will find it quite natural.

Step 2:

Develop a plan of current affairs to restore the purity of the house. Such activities should be carried out regularly, not necessarily daily. For convenience, you can set up a schedule for cleaning. For example, wipe the dust twice a week, wash the bathroom and toilet - once a week. Arrange all the things in the form of a printed plan so you will not forget anything. If you faithfully adhere to this schedule, it will soon become familiar to you.

Step 3:

Try not to run a home business, bringing them to a forced cleaning. For example, you start to put things in order in the wardrobe only when nothing can not find it. Forced cleaning easily avoided if timely implementation of urgent and ongoing activities to combat the disorder. In addition, this approach is fraught with the risk of possible damage to property. After all, with a few spots and pollution can cope with even a mild detergent. In severe cases, as a rule, have to resort to the more concentrated powders or abrasive. As a result, cleaned the stove or bath, you put these things even more damage than the actual dirt.