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How to make a shaker

Today's youth are increasingly prefers to spend his time in the clubs and bars, and arranging the party at home, wants to present guests is a delicious and exclusive drinks in a variety of cocktails. To drink was truly delicious and perfect, it is necessary to properly prepare, and for that just need to have on hand a shaker device which gives the ability to mix different liquid ingredients for a cocktail. What to do if such a device is not at hand, how to make your own shaker and is it possible?

How to make a shaker

Instruction how to make a cocktail shaker

Step 1:

Take unnecessary thermos in a metal case. You can use plastic or iron tank. fit devices up to 2 liters for the manufacture of a shaker. The smaller the shaker, the better it will be mixed in the beverage, because usually the ingredients are mixed in a shaker at one or two glasses is no more.

Step 2:

Remove the lid, open the thermos and take out the glass termokolbu. Attention! Be sure to remove the flask, as when added to a drink, for example, nuts, ice or other glass may break solids. Performing such actions, be very careful. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the inner bulb is broken, your thermos is not currently in use. Do not grind the glass inside the thermos - flask was broken to remove difficult, besides small particles can remain in and subsequently ingested. Try to do these actions very carefully.

Step 3:

Scald thermos with boiling water from the inside, wash the resulting device running water several times. It is important to know that no detergent to use is not worth it, better to take a ruff and clean the walls with baking soda. Rinse thoroughly. Tighten the thermos if removal of the flask you have to unscrew the upper or lower part.

Step 4:

Baby Shaker can be made from any of the swirling flasks made of food grade plastic. It may be out of the cups of ice cream, or even an old folding pencil case: the fact that for many years, these cupboards were made of expensive today, but then cheap plastic food, as evidenced by the corresponding icon on the bottom of the product. Rinse the parts and shaker for children's party is ready, your children are happy to mix the milkshake.